2020 Tesla Model X Electric

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2020 Tesla Model X electric Price, Review, Ratings and Pictures

Updated on: June 17, 2021

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The 2020 Tesla Model X is available in two models and is one of the fastest electric SUVs that can seat seven people. Both models can drive a range of more than 300 miles and offer all-wheel-drive. The technologically advanced cabin comes with a lot of practicality and an Autopilot suite of advanced driver-assist features. Though the Model X flaunts the falcon-wing doors, they seem impractical to some buyers.

For 2020, the Model X recieves a revised trim lineup with Long Range and Performance models. The standard Long Range model with a dual-motor setup has a starting MSRP of $79,690 (after potential savings). With a low centre of gravity, the Tesla Model X handles superbly and strikes the right balance between ride comfort and sporty dynamics. The Model X competes with Audi's E-Tron and Jaguar's I-Pace which present a luxurious alternative to the buyers.

2020 Tesla Model X electric Latest Updates

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Electric 7-seater SUV with 328 miles of range

Swift acceleration and good handling

Exceptional cargo area

Free and unlimited access to Tesla’s Supercharging Network

Large Intuitive touch screen


Build Quality is questionable

Infotainment misses out on Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatibility

Choppy ride via larger wheels

What's New?

Revised trim level, 

New Full self-driving capability

Fast charging via robust onboard chargers

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vehicle bio

base price



4dr SUV

passenger capacity



all wheel drive

engine type


1-speed automatic


brake rotors (f/r)

14/14.4 in.



116.7 in.


198.3 in.


78.7 in.


66 in.

curb weight

5534 lbs.

ground clearance

8.3 in.


cargo volume

87.8 cu ft.

towing capacity

4960 lbs.


zero to 60 mph

1.9 sec.


basic warranty

4 yr./ 50,000 mi.

powertrain warranty

8 yr./ unlimited mi.

corrosion warranty

9 yr./ unlimited mi.

roadside assistance



Long Range $84,990 onwards

Electric | Electric

  • 1st Row LCD monitor
  • 20" Silver Aluminum Wheels
  • AM/FM/HD/Satellite-prep, Seek-Scan Radio
  • Dual Zone Front Automatic Air Conditioning
  • Front Fog/Driving Lights
  • Parking Assist
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Performance $104,990 onwards

Electric | Electric

  • 3-Spoke Leather Steering Wheel
  • Air Conditioning
  • Automatic Climate Control
  • Cruise Control
  • Heated Front Seats
  • Heated Rear Seats
  • Heated Steering Wheel
  • Multi-Zone Audio
  • Power Driver Seat
  • Power Liftgate
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used Tesla Model X electric For Sale

certified Tesla Model X electric For Sale

Colors and Styles

2020 Tesla Model X electric in Deep Blue Metallic color 2020 Tesla Model X electric in Pearl White color 2020 Tesla Model X electric in Red Multi-Coat color
Deep Blue Metallic

Vehicle images are guides only and may not reflect the model's exact specifications/features– exact specifications/features should be confirmed with the seller.


Pricing And Features


Engine And Performance


Fuel Economy












Expert Review, Pricing Analysis and Buying Guide


Overall Rating

The conventional automakers feel the heat from the 2020 Tesla Model X, an electric SUV version of the popular Model S sedan. The three-row SUV is one of its kind in terms of technology, space, and electric range it achieves. Well-crafted interiors and premium drive enable the Model X to stand tall even after four years of its launch. Certainly, the Model X isn’t a perfect example, it has its own flaws like the impeding flacon-wings, inhibited installation of the roof rack system and a heated cabin due to excessive sunlight through the windshield.

Conventional automakers are still catching up with new EV’s hitting the market. The likes of Jaguar I-Pace and Audi e-Tron are some available and compelling competitors of Tesla Model X. At the time of publishing this article, the Tesla Model X Long Range has a sticker price of $84,990 while the Performance model is tagged at $ 104,990 (prices do not include the potential savings from incentives and rebates). Read below to check out the Prices, Performance, MPGe ratings, Interior and Exterior styling, and Safety features that make the Tesla Model X a great SUV.

2020 Tesla Model X front three quarter view
2020 Tesla Model X rear three quarter view

Pricing and Features

Engine and Performance

Fuel Economy





2020 Tesla Model X electric Pricing and Features


With the blooming of the 2020 calendar year, Tesla Model X is available in two trims, Long Range and Performance trim. The Long Range has a base MSRP of $84,990, which after deducting incentives will cost you around $79,690. Both trims come equipped with a Dual-motor all-wheel-drive configuration with free unlimited access to Tesla’s supercharging network


Long Range



$79,690(Includes Rebates and Incentives)

$99,690(Incl. Rebates and Incentives)

Key Features

289 Mile Range

Adds/Upgrades to Long Range


0-60 in 2.8 seconds

295 Mile Range


12 Way Power Adjust, Heated Front Seats with Memory and Driver Profile

0-60 in 4.7 seconds

Comes with 240V NEMA 14-50 and 120V NEMA 5-15 adapter


Auto-Dimming RVM and Heated, Power Adjustable ORVM


3 position Dynamic LED Turning Lights with LED Fog lamps


Self-Presenting Front Door with Largest Glass Panoramic Windshield in Production


XM/FM Radio, Bluetooth, 2 USB ports for media/power and Internet Radio


17" Touchscreen Display with Wi-Fi/Mobile data, Onboard Maps, and Navigation


LED Ambient Interior Lighting and Voice Activated Controls


20-foot mobile connector with storage bag


The convenience and entertainment feature in the 2020 Model X includes dual-zone automatic climate control with a medical-grade air-filtration system, a 17-speaker premium sound system, navigation, and a power-operated rear liftgate. Autopilot's advanced driving assistance system includes adaptive cruise control, forward-collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and lane-keeping assist. Blind-spot monitoring is also standard on the Model X.

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2020 Tesla Model X electric Buying Advice

The Model X Performance is the right option since it supplies a much faster acceleration, especially via Ludicrous mode. The interior also features a carbon-fiber trim selection with black or white upholstery. The price of a Performance model is almost $20,000 more than the Long Range variant but holds value for the technology and advanced features it offers to the buyers.

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2020 Tesla Model X electric Engine and Performance


The Tesla Model X is based on its sibling model S. The 2020 Tesla Model X is powered via two Dual 3 Phase, 4 Pole Induction motor with copper rotors (AC Motor) and a 100-kWh lithium-ion battery. One motor each powering the front and rear axle, conventionally making it an all-wheel drive. The two trims are true to their names, Long Range and Performance models' electric range and performance figures differentiate the two. 

Since it's an all-electric model, a single-speed direct transmission does the job of delivering power. Though we don’t have a direct comparison to the one in the class, the Tesla Model X is fast, truly fast.


2020 Tesla Model X

2020 Audi e-tron Premium Plus

2020 Jaguar I-Pace S






Dual 3 phase. 4 pole AC Induction Motor with Copper Rotors

Dual Asynchronous Electric motors

2 Permanent Magnet Synchronous Electric Motors

Drivetrain AWD AWD AWD


Single Speed direct drive

Single Speed Direct Drive

Single Speed



355 hp

394 hp



414 lb-ft

513 lb-ft

0-60 MPH 4.4 sec 5.5 sec 4.5 sec
Quarter Mile 11.28 sec 16 sec 12.9 sec 
Top Speed 155 MPH 124 MPH 124 MPH

The instant acceleration on offer without any transmission loss is what differentiates the model X from the conventional gas-powered SUV’s. No official power figures are available but that shouldn’t be a matter of concern as the test results of model X are more than overwhelming.

How fast is the 2020 Tesla Model X from 0 to 60 mph?

The Long Range model is capable to hit 60 mph from a standstill in 4.4 seconds with a range of 328 miles on a single charge. Performance enthusiasts can opt for the Model X Performance model which goes from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds with a range of 305 miles. That’s not it, switch to the Ludicrous mode and the 0-60 mph time drops to 2.7 seconds for the Performance variant. Although the swift performance trades off with the range. The Tesla Model X Performance model can top up to 163 mph while the Model X Long-range model offers a top speed of 155 mph.

2020 Tesla Model X hits 0-60 mph in just 5.5 sec

How does the 2020 Tesla Model X Handle?

The two models of the 2020 Tesla Model X are hard to differentiate as far as ride and handling are concerned unless you push the limits. The Tesla Model X, irrespective of the trims is equipped with a predictive and adaptive air suspension and 20-inch wheels. The ride remains comfortable, be it in the town or on the highway.

2020 Tesla Model X three quarter view

The steering feedback is very responsive and helps the big crossover SUV feel a bit smaller. The Tesla is smart to design the Model X to feel lighter and giving it car-like handling, thanks to the low center of gravity, a result of the battery and electric motor weight located low and centralized in the chassis, The Model X is fast, smooth, and quiet, thanks to no gear changes, no engine vibration, barely any noise. The instant throttle response lets the Model X easily creep in the town traffic, giving it confidence in tight spots.

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2020 Tesla Model X electric Fuel Economy


The 2020 Model X Long Range has an EPA estimated rating of 99 MPGe in the city and 93 MPGe on the highway. The Performance model is rated at 90 MPGe in the city and 89 MPGe on the highway. The Tesla Model X is not only quick but offers a class-leading electric driving range. The Long Range model is capable to go 328 miles while the Model X Performance has a range of 305 miles.


2020 Tesla Model X

2020 Audi e-Tron Premium Plus

2020 Jaguar I-Pace S

MPGE (City)




MPGE (Highway)




MPGE (Combined)





328 miles

248.5 miles

298 miles

The standard charging option is via a domestic household circuit of 120 volts or 240 volts. The Model X may be plugged in overnight, to get it ready for a full range journey. The all-new Jaguar I-type has crossed the benchmark with its exceptional range, beating every other electric car. Nevertheless, Tesla benefits from the expanding Supercharging network across the US.

In 2019, Tesla started rolling out its new V3 Supercharger stations., using which the automaker claims recharging time is cut by 50 percent. Any Supercharger station provides up to 115 miles of added range in just 15 minutes of recharging. Need not be worried for 2020 owners it's still free to access the Supercharging station, just find the one near you.

2020 Tesla Model X electric Interior


The Model X as standard is a five-seater. A seven-passenger configuration with an optional third-row or a six-passenger configuration with two captain’s chairs is available at extra cost. Aside from the panoramic windshield, Falcon Wing rear doors, and extra cargo capacity, the Tesla Model X SUV is identical to the Model S sedan. The cabin remains quiet and the seats are suitable for a long stint. The space inside Model X is more than the rivals, but the third row should be best left for children. The second row might feel cramped for tall adults.

2020 Tesla Model X front seats

The rear ingress via the power-operated Falcon Wing doors creates a wow moment, but can be frustrating in low clearance situations and can be irking during the heavy snow or rain. The Model X’s unique windshield suffices an uninterrupted view of the front and above.

How good is the 2020 Tesla Model X Infotainment and Connectivity?

The Tesla Model X features a massive 17-inch touchscreen display mounted portrait-style on the dashboard. Tesla has kept the user experience at prime importance with easy-to-use and understand menu controls. The touch is highly responsive and quick to react. However, what you will miss are the Android Auto and Apple Carplay compatibility, though alternatives are available.

2020 Tesla Model X has 17" infotainment system

Key infotainment features

The technology of Tesla is profound and more than compliant with the need of its audience. Also, Tesla is one such automaker that is known for nonperiodic updates, keeping us on the toes all the time. To control the climate system, audio system, and other functions, its only the touchscreen to rely on. 

  • 17" Touchscreen Display with navigation
  • Mobile App Remote Control
  • XM satellite radio capability
  • FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity, with on-demand & internet radio capability
  • Two USB ports for media and power
  • Wi-Fi and Cellular Internet Capability
  • Bluetooth Hands-Free and Media Streaming
  • Voice Activated Controls

What about the 2020 Tesla Model X Cargo Capacity?

The Model X offers 88.1 cu-ft of cargo space. Depending on the seating configurations available the cargo space may vary. The third-row bench folds flat to provide added space for hauling bulky items. The second row is not flexible and restricts the versatility of cargo.

2020 Tesla Model X cargo space

The cargo area offers a wide and flat floor, allowing for easy cargo management without wasting an inch. Having said that, the Tesla Model X lacks internal small storage options. Among Tesla’s electric rivals, Audi e-Tron offers maximum cargo-hauling capacity. 


2020 Tesla Model X

2020 Audi e-tron Premium Plus

2020 Jaguar I-Pace S

Seating capacity




First Row (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (in)




Second Row (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (in)




Third Row (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (in)




Cargo Capacity

28.5 cu.ft.

26 cu.ft.

25.3 cu.ft.

Key interior features

The standard interior features part of the Tesla Model X are premium and worth the price.

  • LED Interior Ambient Lighting
  • Center Armrest with 2 cup holders
  • Heated Seats in all rows
  • Heated Steering wheel
  • Auto-Dimming IRVM
  • 12 Way power-adjustable front seats with memory and driver profile

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2020 Tesla Model X electric Exterior


The Tesla Model X is a distinct affair, with an almost clear glimpse of being a Tesla. The only similar design language can be witnessed in the Tesla Model S. The Model X dimensions are bigger all-around as compared with conventional SUVs. To stand apart, Tesla Model X has no front-grille (no need of one, since it is electric), the tear-drop shape, the top-rolling wind-shield, and falcon-wing rear doors. Flaunting one in your neighborhood will fetch you the coolest tag.

2020 Tesla Model X front view

The construction and build quality are on par with the modern standards. However, it doesn’t seem to an SUV at first sight. Also, most mass is concentrated below the cabin which allows for a low center of gravity thus maintaining composure and stability better than the traditional counterparts. The off-roading prowess may not be at best in Tesla since the Model X's ground clearance is quite low.



2020 Tesla Model X 

2020 Audi e-Tron Premium Plus 

2020 Jaguar I-Pace S

Curb Weight

5421 lbs

5643 lbs

4784 lbs













Ground Clearance








Key Exterior Features:

Some of the exterior features in the Tesla Model X includes,

  • 3 Position dynamic LED turning lights
  • LED fog lights
  • Heated and Power adjustable ORVM's
  • 2" Receiver for hitch-mounted bike and ski carriers
  • Self-Presenting Front door
  • Keyless Entry
  • Falcon Wing Rear Doors

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2020 Tesla Model X electric Safety


Tesla has all the right tricks up its sleeves to keep the occupants of the Model X SUV safe . Also, the advanced driving assistance suite is competent enough to drive you home without any manual intervention needed, thanks to the Autopilot system. Among the federal safety rating agencies, NHTSA has crash-tested the Tesla Model X only to certify it to be the safest. Acing all the crash-tests, the Tesla Models X scores full marks in this respect.

The safety and driver-assistance technology standard in the Tesla Model X includes features like collision avoidance, automatic emergency braking, and a rearview camera. Available features include a 360-degree camera system, adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, automatic parking, a summon feature, and the Autopilot system. 

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2020 Tesla Model X electric Competition


2020 Tesla Model X SUV Vs 2020 Audi e-Tron

Coming of an EV from a performance manufacturer initiates a compulsory argument that does the EV manifests a similar performance gene or not. The Audi e-Tron answers the same in style, using Audi’s Quattro system coupled with the E-Tron. The off-road prowess of the Audi electric vehicle is good. However, Tesla has an upper hand in future-proof technology, making the model X a master of its own class. Also, the space and comfort in the Tesla Model x are way beyond. Also, keep in mind the technological advancement comes at a price.

2020 Audi e-Tron

2020 Tesla Model X SUV Vs 2020 Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar in its first attempt has hit the bull’s eye. The I-Pace is highlighted by a trademark Jaguar character of being luxurious inside-out. The performance factor is also on a high, better than the Audi e-Tron. Other than this the Jaguar I-Pace also comes equipped with AutoPilot assist, advanced safety equipment, a 17” infotainment touchscreen, and much more. The tradeoff- between Tesla and Jaguar is comfort and sporty performance.

2020 Jaguar I-Pace

2020 Tesla Model X electric Final Verdict

The future is now, Tesla best exemplifies the future-proof technology to keep one ready as well as insulated. One needs to realize that Tesla is a technological company and not just an automobile manufacturer, unlike the others. The build quality has remained an issue for Tesla but it has compensated well for the same. The exceptional interior space, comfort, cargo, and driving range of the Tesla Model X keeps it in its own class. The 2020 Tesla Model X is one of the most expensive SUVs on the market with a starting MSRP of $86,190 for LongRange. In case someone doesn’t want to completely part ways from the gas stations, Volvo XC90 T8 and Porsche e-hybrids are good and cheaper options.

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2020 Tesla Model X Consumer Reviews and Ratings


based on 46 ratings

8.7/10 Features
8.6/10 Interiors
8.6/10 Design
8.6/10 Safety
8.6/10 Reliability
8.0/10 Deal Value


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2020 Tesla Model X Overall Reviews



2020 Tesla Model X electric

Long Range 4dr SUV AWD (electric DD)


User Overall Rating

Posted On: June 17, 2021

Wonderful Car

Pros - Long all-electric driving range, Advanced tech and safety features, Large cargo area

Cons - Cramped third-row seats

Phenomenal range It is quicker than a performance vehicle and provides an all-electric driving range of up to 360 miles. It offers the diversity and facilities of consumers in a futuristic package, with a minimalist interior focused on a steering pad like a racing vehicle and a large touchscreen. The direct sales strategy should be adopted by each and every one of them. I had got this car without paperwork hustle. NO Trouble whatsoever.

Deal Value
Dealer Review



2020 Tesla Model X electric

Long Range 4dr SUV AWD (electric DD)


User Overall Rating

Posted On: May 28, 2021

Signature style

Pros - "Quick acceleration and poised handling Long all-electric driving range"

Cons - "Cramped third-row seats Interior fit and finish issues"

Long range car The door frame isn't large enough. The cup holders and console should be upgraded. They just don't fit. In the back, cup holders and coat hooks are needed. Tesla's car received a big over-the-air upgrade. They did so by removing the ability to quickly switch between media device settings on the steering wheel. Take note. We leased a car and then received a call to resign the lease due to a minor mistake. They jacked up the price!!!! When they found out, they gave a third contract, which was identical to the first. They called two weeks later, requesting an extra amount that we did not owe.

Deal Value
Dealer Review


Isaac M. Toy

2020 Tesla Model X electric

Long Range 4dr SUV AWD (electric DD)


User Overall Rating

Posted On: April 23, 2021

Too quiet for my taste

Pros - Styling, ride quality, features

Cons - Fake exhaust notes are needed

It doesn't get any better than this Model X is by far the most fun SUV I have driven and I have driven many. I came from an SUV that had more than 300 hp but because that was no longer practical. I looked at the options, prioritizing the fuel economy over power and looks. Tesla Model X fitted the bill with its best-in-class fuel economy of infinity as long as you have electricity. At the start, I didn’t like it a bit as I was not accustomed to driving without a sound. It felt awkward. After I spent some time with it, I got used to it and now it is not a problem. And now, after seven months of driving it, I can say that I truly like it! The sales team is excellent but the service team is the opposite. Even if you book an appointment online and then come you still have to wait an hour or so before service even starts.

Deal Value
Dealer Review

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