RAM Trucks, adapted as RAM and officially known as the RAM Truck Division, was launched in 2010 as a division of FCA US LLC, a completely possessed backup of the Italian-American organization Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. It focuses on the production of light to mid-weight vehicles. It was revolved off from Dodge by utilizing the name of the RAM Pickup line of trucks. RAM Trucks logo was initially utilized as Dodge's logo. The manufacturing process of classic trucks takes place at the Warren Truck Plant in Warren, Michigan, and the Saltillo plant in Saltillo, Mexico. New models of RAM pickups are manufactured at Sterling Heights Assembly in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Read More...


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More About RAM

RAM or Dodge RAM as it was earlier called, showcases the fierce animal ram as part of the logo. This is to indicate the toughness of the brand and its nature to create vehicles that can do the toughest of jobs with ease.

Before the 1970s, Dodge had kept up a different league for trucks, Fargo Trucks, essentially for being used outside the United States. The RAM brand was made after Chrysler's was undertaken by Italian automaker Fiat, and the plans called for Dodge changing to a lineup with all future pickup and trucks by Chrysler being sold under the RAM brand.

After that point, all trucks made by Chrysler were sold under the Dodge brand. RAM Trucks was built up as a division of Chrysler in 2010, as a side project from Dodge, and utilizing the name of the Dodge RAM line of pickups that are currently sold under the RAM badge. As indicated by Chrysler, the RAM Trucks brand will focus on "genuine truck buyers," instead of truck buyers who purchase trucks just for the image and style purpose.

RAM’s lineup comprises mainly full-size pickups that were once called Dodge RAMs. This branch brand was made in 2009 as a result of a rearrangement by Fiat, which was Chrysler's new proprietary. To expand the buyer’s interest in the trucks lineup of the brand, everything got official in the year 2011. The vehicles remained unchanged and still manages to retain their famous factor to be used for both fun and work. 

In 1981 the RAM name first came into use on the redesigned Dodge pickup trucks. Already, Dodge pickups were using nomenclature that had a pattern to demonstrate the drivetrain option and capacity of a certain model. Such as a Dodge D150 badge used to represent that the pickup was a two-wheel-drive ("D"), half-ton ("150") pickup, the same way a Dodge W150 badged pickup was a four-wheel-drive ("W") half-ton pickup.

Despite the fact that the Dodge RAM offered pickup styles, which include both standard and extended versions, along with powertrain choices such as the inline-6 engine and the V8 engine, including powerful turbodiesels, their trucks included strong design and interior highlights like its Ford and Chevy contenders, it generally trailed them in the business race. 

A total overhaul in 1994 gave the RAM pickup line a much-needed uplift in the presentation of the truck. The strong style factor, which was highlighted by a new grille and fender flare design, helped in showcasing a more appealing look. This decade also showcased the new Quad Cab with new reverse-opening rear doors, which proved helpful in everyday usage of the truck. The quad cab also featured more luxury features apart from the old generation of the single cab.

Another upgrade of the RAM pickup occurred in 2002 and 2003 for more rugged models giving more keen edges to the truck's current styling. It was supported by RAM with the introduction of the muscular 5.7-liter Hemi V8. The present variant of the RAM 1500 was launched in 2009, which saw significantly improved interiors and a new one of a kind coil-spring rear suspension. 

The later models show improvements in the ride quality of the truck with improved handling characteristics. It was a significant improvement when compared to other competitors, which were still using the old age leaf-spring setup. Along with the full-size RAM, the midsize Dakota pickup was also launched, which gave buyers the option to chose from different sizes of trucks based on their usage.

Insights regarding the mid-size model are currently in no light, and RAM just gives a hint that the pickup will be here by 2022. The lineup is lacking behind as the brand hasn't had a truck underneath 1500 in its lineup since the Dakota's was retired in 2011. As the new age of the 1500 pickup finally added to the lineup, RAM is currently beginning to grow. With the confirmation of RAM launching a performance-focused pickup named the TRX, it would go head-on competing with the Ford Raptor series. There are reports of the TRX using the updated version of the Hellcat 6.2-liter V8 engine capable of putting out figures up to 707horsepower, which would be a head-turning offering if done right.

RAM is the fresh face of the FCA brand, and all strategies are up and ready for the coming five years. The brand confirms that it has a new model to challenge the Ford Ranger and Chevrolet Colorado in transit.

New RAM 2500 and 3500 variants are in transit too and a rough idea of what we are about to witness in future models can be formed by the recent spy shots of their test mules. Pricing factor will also play an important role as the current variants have the most reduced cost if compared to the competition, and there is news of RAM raising the base price of next-generation, which would be much higher than current generation variants. The ProMaster city lineup will witness a new generation by 2021, which will also offer level 2 autonomous capabilities. However, the bigger ProMaster will remain the same as per current reports.

Moving toward the future of autonomous driving, the future models will feature Level 2 autonomous ability, which would be here by 2022. The market share of RAM’s pickup is 84% in the United States, while other continents like Asia and Europe have a higher demand for vans instead of pickups.