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2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo Complete In-depth Review & Buying Guide

Updated on: September 5, 2020
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Adarsh Sharma

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Although relatively new, the Porsche Taycan is now in its second year of production and for 2021, the Taycan Turbo gets a little refreshment in the body design, interior, and features. The vehicle comes under Porsche's dream to electrify its future vehicles in the near future. Taycan is the first stepping stone set by Porsche towards the future and we reckon it’s a pretty big one. This electrically powered performance-oriented four-door sedan is built to go the distance at the fastest speeds. Currently, this performance machine costs about $152,300 and the Turbo model sits below the Turbo S model which is the top-specced trim.

The 2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo becomes the first EV in the segment to come with a two-speed transmission integrated with an 800V electric system to give the same throttle response as you get in a 911 turbo or even better and recharging for that performance in a shorter time period. The Taycan Turbo provides an overall brilliant package of Porsche’s well-known performance and luxury with an electric heart at its core.

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Breathtaking acceleration

Engaging handling dynamics

Two trunks and four seats add more practicality

Exceptionally well-built quality


Sub-par rear legroom

Rivals offer a better overall rang

What's New?

New features and color options added

Over-the-air update of features available

Battery recalibration for better charging time

2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo Latest Update

Pictures & Videos

2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo Review video


2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo in Carmine Red color 2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo in Carrara White Metallic color 2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo in Black color
Carmine Red

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Engine And Performance


Fuel Economy










Trims and Configurations


2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo Base




Style Prices MPG Engine Transmission Drivetrain Seats Colors
4dr Sedan AWD (electric 2A) Starting at $150,900 MSRP TBD TBD

Expert Review


Overall Rating

With the popularity of electric cars on the rise, most car manufacturers are making a shift to introducing pure electric vehicles that don’t come with any compromise. However, cars such as the Porsche Taycan Turbo are not just electric cars but future thoroughbreds which stand for earthshattering performance and exuberant looks. It is undoubtedly one of the most promising and interesting performance electric vehicles to ever be launched. Today, The Taycan Turbo faces stiff competition from the likes of segment stalwart the Tesla Model S. Here’s our take on the 2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo that’s going on sale early next year.

2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo front third quarter view
2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo rear third quarter view



Engine and Performance


Fuel Economy








2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo Features


The 2021 Porsche Taycan trim levels comprise three trim options: 4S, Turbo and Turbo S. Porsche equips all Taycan models with a modern interior and latest tech to make the statement that the Taycan is future-ready. All the safety features and driver-assist come as standard in the Taycan. The pricing for the Porsche Taycan starts at $105,200 for the 4S, while the Turbo lies at $152,300 while the top trim, the Turbo S costs a whopping $186,400. However, in this review, we only cover the Turbo trim of which the details and features are given below.





Key Features

Adaptive air suspension


Four-point LED headlamps with Matrix beam


Four-zone automatic climate control system


16.8-inch curved MID


10.9-inch central display 


Automatically extending door handles


Panoramic fixed glass roof


Porsche three-stage active rear spoiler


20-inch Taycan Turbo Aero wheel


Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control


Rear-axle steering

As mentioned previously, the Turbo trim is the one we are talking about today and comes priced at $152,300. It gets a Porsche’s 3-stage active spoiler at the rear, a more powerful engine-battery, system 4-zone climate control, a bigger 10.9” inch infotainment display with 20” alloy wheels as standard. Thus it comes quite loaded and shall keep most customers quite happy and pampered.

2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo third quarter view

2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo Maintenance, Reliability and Warranty

Porsche is famed for making some of the most reliable yet heavily powered cars and the 2021 Taycan Turbo, is no different either from its gasoline-driven siblings. Like most German marquees, Taycan Turbo is upcoming in the market for its unmatched value, reliability, and superior service compared to other brands. This represents the seismic drift from its gas-guzzling performance vehicles to environmentally-focused Electric vehicles delivering similar performance figures. The blokes at Porsche put their soul and heart into building this one.

Reliability and Ownership Costs

The feature-filled Porsche Taycan Turbo is just in its second year of production and therefore hasn't been tested by J.D. Power. For the same reason, we don’t even have long-term usage and reliability reports from its customers. The Porsches have always been the first choice for the wealthy driving enthusiasts all over the globe and the reason that the Porsche’s are sold over the globe for over half a century is their build quality despite being track-oriented vehicles. All the Porsches have the same performance genes and the Taycan Turbo is no different and with its electric motor it even outperforms most of the 911 siblings in the lineup and other gasoline rivals. Porsche’s have never been easy and cheap to maintain but this doesn’t stop the Porsche enthusiasts to buy one and with the electric motor reliability and performance with the same driving feel we expect to see the numbers increasing in the fan group.

On average, the 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo cost about $153,000. The people from Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon, Atlanta, and Delaware enjoy the lowest prices as they have exempted the sales taxes.









New Jersey




The Taycan Turbo is considered a worry-free travel companion that has no safety recall or consumer complaints for its 2020 model as reported by NHTSA.

The average ownership costs are not available. We expect them to be much less than any vehicle in the Porsche’s arsenal due to the longevity and durability of an electric vehicle as seen in general but is expected to be quite high especially when you compare it with some of Porsche's other rivals in the EV segment like Tesla.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know that Porsche only makes machines that stand for performance and luxury. Thus, it is no surprise that they can also cost a bomb to maintain and repair. However, as the Porsche Taycan Turbo is quite new to the market and an all-new product from Porsche, it is very hard to predict its long-term maintenance cost. But being an EV gives you the advantage of lower maintenance costs when compared to the cars of the same price having an internal combustion engine. The reason for this is quite simple, lesser moving parts equal to lower maintenance costs. Currently, the car has no safety recall or customer complaints reported by the NHTSA due to its short tenure spent on sale.

 In terms of the ownership costs, on an average, you will have to shell out nearly $67,223 in 5 years when you buy a brand new Porsche Taycan Turbo. This number is an approximate amount as the car has not completed even 3 years in the market. But as you get excellent warranty packages with the car there is not much to worry about repair costs.


Porsche offers the Taycan Turbo with standard warranty terms, similar to what is seen in Tesla. Porsche does provide a better roadside assistance package and Porsche offers a 24-hour emergency road service available in the United States valid during the 3-Year/36,000-Mile Limited Warranty term but provides no complimentary maintenance. Porsche does not provide any special or different warranty packages for its electric vehicles like some other manufacturers. Thus you get the same warranty package as you would get with any other Porsche car.



Limited warranty

4 years/ 50,000 miles; whichever is earlier

Electric Powertrain and Components warranty

8 years/ 100,000 miles; whichever is earlier

24-hour roadside assistance

3 years/ 36,000 miles; whichever is earlier

Miles Per Dollar

The initial price tag of the Porsche Taycan Turbo turns out to be a bumper for a lot of the buyers out there but does not disappoint much afterward as being an EV doesn’t require much maintenance. But the maintenance costs may be a little higher than the rivals, namely Tesla. The Taycan also gets a $7.5K EV discount cheque from uncle Sam after the purchase. The taxes and fees lie at $2,500/year, maintenance costs around $1,500/year while the repairs on parts out of warranty can cost quite a lot.

2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo Buying Advice

We will recommend the Turbo trim from the Porsche Taycan lineup. Apart from a much powerful 670-horse powered electric motor, it comes with a clear-cut infotainment and instrument cluster, 20” inch wheels and better luxury in the cabin.

The 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo hasn’t been tested by JD Power reports. Mechanically, the Taycan Turbo is expected to be ranked higher than the Model S due to Porsche’s extensive research and development done on the Taycan and given Porsche’s history in building mechanically reliable vehicles.

Is buying a used Porsche Taycan Turbo a good idea?

Porsche Taycan Turbo is just in its second year of production so finding a well maintained used Taycan would be a little more difficult. But with upcoming years of production more and more used ones will become available and due to Porsche’s smarting technology the Taycan offers the longest longevity in terms of battery life. Adding it with Porsche’s luxury and engineering slows the depreciation rate on this one, while the competition degrades much faster in value.

2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo Engine and Performance


All the trims of 2021 Porsche Taycan come with two electric motors and all-wheel drive as standard while all the trims carry different battery sizes and battery outputs thus resulting in different power figures. The Porsche 4S produces 522 HP, while the one we are talking about the Taycan Turbo peaks at 671HP and 627 lb-ft. of torque while the top trim produces 750HP making the 0-60 run in just 2.4 seconds.

2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo electric motor

The Taycan does keep its potential locked for the longer battery life of the vehicle but we didn’t notice the difference in power delivery. The vehicle’s two-speed transmission makes the shifts unnoticeable and transparent and the driving experience is just as fun as in any 911 keeping the driver engaged at every turn yet automatically making calculations on its own to make up for the best times around the tracks.


2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo (Expected)

2020 Tesla Model S





Electric motor

Electric motor





1-speed direct drive(front)

2-speed automatic(rear)

1-speed direct drive


671 hp

762 hp


627 lb-ft

723 lb-ft

The Tesla Model S here wins the game in the performance segment with a much more powerful battery system output producing around 100 more horsepower than the Taycan and surprisingly even beats the Taycan in terms of mileage as we will see further. The Model S also produces the best power output for the most amount of money spent.

2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo Acceleration And Braking Performance

Porsche's two electric motors allow the Taycan Turbo to sprint from 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds while the Turbo S does it in just 2.4 seconds. One of the most important pros in the vehicle is a similar throttle response in every weather condition.

2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo accelerate 0-60 mph just in 3.1 sec

Even on snowy days, the throttle response feels the same as driving in California, which is absent in the rivals in comparison. The Taycan also comes best in stopping distance of 97ft form 0-60mph while the Model S stops at 102ft. 


2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo (Expected)

2020 Tesla Model S

0-60 MPH

3.1 sec

2.4 sec

Quarter Mile

11.1 sec

10.7 sec

Top Speed

162 MPH

155 MPH

60-0 MPH

97 ft.

102 ft.

While the Tesla Model S is electronically limited at 155MPH for the top speed but the Germans allow the Taycan to reach speed up to 162MPH. The Model S does the fastest quarter-mile in just 10.7 seconds. This just goes on to show how much superior Tesla’s technology still is, even when compared to German carmakers like Porsche. 

2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo Fuel Economy


The Porsche Taycan Turbo despite being an environmentally friendly electric vehicle offers the least mileage figures in the segment. This, however, is much greater than the similar powered gasoline-driven vehicles but the fuel-filling time in those is much shorter.

2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo charging point

The Taycan Turbo offers a combined MPGe of 69 and the charging time from a 220V fast charge is of 12hours, both the figures are the worst in the segment and demand the company to work much more on them. The Taycan offers a range of 203 miles which can be increased/ decreased as per driving modes.


2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo (Expected)

2020 Tesla Model S

MPG (City)



MPG (Highway)



MPG (Combined)



Charging Time

(0-100% from Type 2 charger)

12 hours

7.5 hours


203 miles

348 miles

Looking at the rivals, the Taycan has much to learn from the Model S as being the most powered vehicle it still provides the best range and mileage figures in the segment. The charging time on the Model S is also the shortest in the segment. Thus the Taycan Turbo still has a long way to go in being the most practical car in its segment. 

2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo Interior


Porsche Taycan Turbo follows the same styling and luxury statement as seen in any other Porsche currently on sale. The interior is feature-loaded and wrapped and exotic materials. The Taycan offers 4-seat configuration with an additional option for the third seat in the rear. The interior feels much more comfortable than the rivals in comparison.

2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo seats

Even with the low and sleek roofline, the Taycan offers ample space and support for the legs, shoulders and headspace more than adequate even for tall drivers. It provides a comfortable driving position, leg and thigh support and accounts for smoother long rides. The dual powered and heated leather bucket seats help you unlock your potential behind the wheels without making you worrying much for your safety.


2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo (Expected)

2020 Tesla Model S

Seating Capacity

4(expandable to 5)


Front Row (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (in)



Rear Row (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (in)



Trunk space of Taycan reminds of a one in a supercar with just 12 cu.-ft. of space in the rear with a mini 2.86 cu.-ft compartment in the front. The Tesla Model S outdoes the Taycan even here with 26.3 cu.-ft of space in the rear and 2.1 cu-ft compartment in the front.

How’s the 2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo’s infotainment system?

Porsche Taycan Turbo comes with a state-of-the-art infotainment display with three screen display- with one main curved display in the middle, a second one for climate controls and also works a touchpad for navigating the middle one and with a 10.9” inch instrument cluster and you can even add a fourth one with an additional package. The Taycan comes with Apple CarPlay but no Android Auto support, SiriusXM, Bluetooth, Wireless charging, Voice commands, Navigation Plus, Route monitor, 4-G hotspot and a rearview camera with a 360-degree top-view display.

2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo Exterior


Porsche Taycan may be the best looking EV out there with its futuristic design and aerodynamic concept for the best performance written all over it. The iconic Porsche body shape and design line follows the Taycan as well and looks rather similar to the Porsche 911 in the company’s lineup which is rather a fantastic thing to look and flex at. From the front fascia to the rear the vehicle follows the curvy cowl design with air scoops.

2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo third quarter view

Low roof design is for better aerodynamics and cooling the batteries much faster for optimal performance. The car has a unique quad design matrix headlamp for as low glare as possible with much more visibility in dark conditions. A three-stage spoiler sits at the back in the Taycan with different positions adjusted automatically according to the driving needs and conditions. The vehicle runs on 20” inch center lock wheels on the front and rear.


2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo (Expected)

2020 Tesla Model S

Curb Weight

4777 lbs

4941 lbs










Ground Clearance






Compared to rivals the Porsche Taycan comes with the shortest wheelbase. While comparing curb weight, the Model S weighs one of the heaviest due to the largest battery size in the segment. The ground clearance of the Taycan is not available but does come with three chassis height adjustments as per driving conditions and needs.

2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo Safety


The Porsche Taycan Turbo just being in its second year of production and due to the exclusivity of the vehicle hasn’t been crash-tested by NHTSA or IIHS, but judging by the safety and reliability history of the Porsche’s from the past, the Taycan is expected to take the company a step further in terms of safety and reliability.

Some of the notable safety features include:

  • Automatic Emergency Braking 
  • Active Lane Control
  • Parking Sensors 
  • Adaptive Cruise Control 
  • Driver-assist Sensors 
  • Night-vision Cameras, 
  • Surround-view Camera System. 

2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo Competition

2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo Vs Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S stands as a better overall package than the Porsche Taycan Turbo on every front and this turns out to be a bitter truth for most of the Porsche enthusiasts out there. The Model S performs better, provides better interior and trunk space, and most importantly offers much better mileage and range than the Porsche.

Tesla Model S

The Taycan may appeal more to the driving enthusiasts looking for the same driving feel, handling, interior, luxury and style statement similar to a GT2 in an electric vehicle package without the bother to look for the miles done per dollar.

2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo Final Verdict

Porsche has been consistent in improving an already superb proposition and with the release of the Taycan Turbo, Porsche has started to electrify this position over the market. The 2021 Taycan Turbo offers brilliant acceleration with phenomenal throttle response and incredible handling potential and is a statement of pure luxury. The vehicle redefines what it means to be a Porsche taking all the good fronts from its siblings and advancing in those where they aren’t. But at this point in time, the Taycan does lack in some points be it mileage, long charging hours or the typical highly-priced Porsche pricing. This doesn’t stop the Porsche driving enthusiasts in buying one.