Tesla May Replace Gear Shift Knobs With Touchscreen Operated Shifters

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K. Rawat 

Automotive Journalist

March 26, 2021  at 7:36 AM

This new innovation can be seen in the 2021 Model S and Model X and hasn’t yet been officially announced by Tesla. If this goes mainstream, it will replace Tesla’s Mercedes-inspired column shifter that it had been using for a while.

Electric car manufacturer Tesla raised eyebrows earlier this season after claiming that the Model S and Model X's updated variants would “guess the direction” and choose to shift between Park, Reverse, Neutral, and Drive. Elon Musk said that there is a solution to override this with the touch screen manually, now we discover precisely how this technique will probably work as seen on the 2021 Model S And Model X. Tesla also announced that they will be accepting Bitcoins from customers who tend to buy one of their cars.

With removing the center console and drive selector, Tesla owners are requested to depend on radar and artificial intelligence to determine the direction they would like to operate a vehicle. 

In a video shared by @MichaelHsu on Twitter, it has become somewhat clear how to shift manually. The gear-shifting feature is onto the far left of the touchscreen, revealing a Tesla icon with arrows in front and behind. Presumably, dragging the Tesla icon forwards sets it into the drive while pulling it back puts it in reverse.

Another image introduced on Twitter indicates that putting the neutral vehicle is performed via another menu (the same one where controllers for locking your car and opening the rear have been observed). While none of that was supported by Tesla or even Elon Musk, the photo and video seem legit. And, at this time, it might not be considered a fantastic thing.

The animations/responsiveness of this functionality seems to be quite laggy, which may confuse drivers whether or not their input has been recorded on display. The deficiency of classic R and D icons for both reverse and drive can be an intriguing option. If there is such a thing, this further increases the disparity concerning whether Tesla is oversimplifying its interior.

Present-day Teslas already require drivers to utilize the camera to make use of windshield wipers, and in the not too distant foreseeable future, the same will be the case for changing gears. The theory behind this new design is that users may need to use it as an alternative if the automatic shifting does not work. However, as critical as gear shifting, it's clear why the majority are not happy with this at present.

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