Tesla Engagement Hub Social Media Platform Launched As The Brand Closes Its Other Forums

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K. Rawat 

Automotive Journalist

March 24, 2021  at 1:38 PM

The new social media platform has been launched on Tesla's website and focuses on customers and fans of the brand “Take actions on behalf of Tesla and the movement for cleaner energy." Like other social media platforms, you can like, share and comment on various topics within the website and the posts published over there.

Electric car maker Tesla established a new social network as a "home base" for "Owners Club" and "Tesla's policy Team." The microsite has been dubbed the "Tesla Engage Platform" to take "action on behalf of the electric carmaker and the movement for cleaner energy."

While not a full-fledged social media interface, those who engage can comment on the posts, "Like" other posters' comments, and follow many Tesla buyers to see what they have to speak on the platform. The new platform allows fans and customers of the brand to see what's hot and coming from the brand and also talk about its various products like the Model S, Model X, and the lot.

The new website already includes information on several subjects. Tesla Policy team has a lot of causes they're doing work on. The initiatives published on the website include emergency aid for Texas, demand for Tesla fans in Nebraska to get in touch with their state senators to voice support for a bill allowing Tesla to start direct-sell and service hubs in their nation, and a narrative about how a Tesla community came together to convene a 16-year-old ailing girl's daydream of drifting at a Tesla, a listing of upcoming events.

Tesla is partnering with Countable Corporation, a San Fransisco-based SAS(software as a service) company, and intends to boost citizen involvement. Its industry model essentially boils down to deploying societal participation concerning corporations, political targets, and non-profit associations.

But some Tesla followers might not be so excited about the brand new microsite. Tesla is shutting its long-standing "Forum" of this website, a place where owners and interested buyers can return together to provide compliments, provide hints, or even lodge complaints with the all-electric manufacturer about its products.

Notably, the forums had been unmoderated, which suggested no filtering of spam and trolls. It will be shifted to a "Read-Only "mode. With the new platform, only Tesla can generate new posts, and users can only Like, Share and Comment. Still, the automaker allows people to create profiles much like other social media platforms with fans and even collect "points."