Subaru All Set To Launch The Outback Wilderness On March 30

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K. Jetly 

Senior Correspondent

March 24, 2021  at 2:08 PM

The car will be unveiled on March 30th at 11 a.m. ET. This new Outback model is expected to come with extra ground clearance, off-road friendly suspension, and an exclusive exterior appearance package as well. The model will also get Yokohama all-terrain tires as part of its equipment list.

Japanese manufacturer Subaru is set to release a new iteration of its popular Outback SUV on March 30th. The manufacturer recently teased the SUV with high ground clearance, chunky tires and side cladding. Subaru hasn’t been pushing the new models as much as manufacturers around and the development of its new cars seems to go on and on. The new Outback might redeem this situation for Subaru. 

Subaru had teased the new Outback previously too but it wasn’t as clear as the one seen right now. The rocker panels, off-road tires and different wheels are clearly seen now. And while it won’t be a very hardcore off-roader but it would be able to take on most stuff thrown at it. 

Subaru suggests “The legendary Outback is the most rugged, most capable vehicle in the Subaru lineup. But what if Subaru pushed things further? Or went higher?”

The company says it comes with more capability and better off-road features. So we do expect a raised suspension, a functioning skid plate and some upgrades to the powertrain as well. 

What’s evident from the teasers is the fact that the Outback Wilderness edition will come with Yokohama’s all-season tires. In terms of the powertrain, we don’t think Subaru would want to fiddle with its tried and tested unit that does duty in the Outback and tweak it to suit the Outback.

Subaru has hinted at other Wilderness models that would arrive after the launch of the Outback Wilderness. And we expect the Forester to be one of the first models to get this treatment after the Outback.

The 2021 Subaru Outback ‘Wilderness’ is almost here and will be released at 11 am ET on March 30.