Spy Pictures: 2023 BMW 7-Series

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K. Jetly 

Senior Correspondent

June 9, 2021  at 6:06 PM

BMW has been seen testing their all-new 2023 7-Series. With headlights mounted very low and squared off. BMW is on with another polarizing design.

BMW has been edging and leading with their new design language at quite a rapid pace. We aren’t still sure about the admirers of the new design. The next car that can freak you out can be the new 2023 BMW 7-Series sedan because with those headlight’s position it is unlike any BMW on-sale right now. The camouflaged example of the new 7-series is getting tested in Europe and to believe what is going to happen to still gullible 2021 7-Series.

BMW has always played with their design language last time being 2 generations ago, this apparently takes the apple too far from the tree for us. With the popularity of SUVs on an increase now, the 7-series has to do the kind of sales the X7 SUV is pulling. 

The new spied 7-series will likely be a 2023 model year and will be released somewhere in the second half of 2022. This will also mean the outgoing models will likely receive some good discounts by end of this year. As it has few takers when compared to the new S-class

The new 2023 BMW 7-Series will likely end up being very polarizing but we hope that it would change by the time of its release. Aesthetics are not very right on this one. Hope for the best! 

The interior isn’t very clear but it has a whole lot to do when we compare it with the likes of the Mercedes-Benz. The exhaust tips are quad which might very well mean that V12 can re-appear on the top-of-the-line trim. The new 2023 7 series can really take the crown of ‘controversial design’ from BMW’s very own 4-series

Source: Motor1