Nissan Introduces Amazon Alexa’s “Name-Free Invocation” Functionality In Its Cars

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A. Banerjee 

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March 22, 2021  at 9:10 AM

Nissan becomes the first carmaker to employ the use of Amazon’s AI Alexa for in-car features and connected services. Customers will be able to talk with their cars with the “name-free invocation” through home Alexa-enabled devices. The “Skill” update is now available, and at launch, will include the capability to start, lock and unlock the car.

With carmakers around the world, trying to embrace the connected nature of technology and apply them in their vehicles, Japanese carmaker Nissan has come up with something new for the market and its cars. The company has collaborated with Amazon for the use of its Alexa AI in its cars. With this, Nissan becomes the first carmaker to introduce “name-free invocation” for automobiles. 

Nissan has announced that this NissanConnect Services “Skill” update is available immediately. Only a few features like the capability to start, lock and unlock your vehicle will be available for now during the launch. Nissan will inculcate some more features in due course of time. 

Also, customers with ownership of multiple Nissans can also personalize the names of each of their vehicles and use that particular name to direct the request. For example, “Alexa, lock Wyatt's car.” Customers will also have the feature to maintain multiple vehicles on the same account; for example: “Alexa, start my Rogue” and, “Alexa, start my TITAN.”

“This advancement with Amazon's Alexa makes owning a Nissan vehicle that much easier,” said Jared Haslam, vice president, product planning, Nissan U.S. and Canada.

However, this service won’t be applicable to all Nissan vehicles. Only a select few vehicles, that have been made after 2016, equipped with NissanConnect and an Alexa-enabled home device will be eligible for this feature to be applied.

The list of models that are eligible for this update includes

The NissanConnect Services can be accessed from the inside of any Nissan with that functionality, on a computer, on a smartphone or smartwatch app and with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.