Jeep Issues Recall For 43,000 Wranglers, Gladiators To Address Clutch Overheating Issues

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K. Jetly 

Senior Correspondent

March 23, 2021  at 5:58 PM

The recall affects 2018-2021 Wranglers, 2020-2021 Gladiators and the company will start issuing recall notices from March 19,2021. Jeep says they will resolve the clutch overheating issue through a simple software update.

Amidst launches, the news of recalls is growing pretty fast too. Just a week after American EV giant Tesla was seen recalling its vehicles, another manufacturer, Jeep is recalling their vehicles too. The recall has been issued on the 42,887 units of the Wrangler and the Gladiator, with the 6-speed manual transmission. 

  • The problem lies in the transmission, the company says the clutch tends to overheat and fracture rendering a clutch failure. The pressure plate is one of the main parts in the clutch assembly which puts pressure on the clutch disc. Further, it is mounted on the flywheel which is in turn connected to the rear part of the crankshaft. And this makes a bridge of power flowing into the transmission hence making the wheels turn.
  • Now the affected vehicles which already have to be capable when taken off-road are equipped with faulty pressure plates that wouldn’t take the power for a long time. The material on the pressure plate is good but it is a software-related issue which causes it to prematurely heat and crack which causes the clutch to stop working and at worst catch fire.
  • There are no reported casualties or injuries due to this defect and this is as said by the documents that are submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA.
  • The Wranglers built starting from August 2017 to very recent January 2021 are affected, and the number of vehicles affected are in excess of 36,692 units. This means that the 2020 Wranglers and 2021 model years too are in the queue for a recall. The other one from the lineup is the Gladiator, which has the models affected from December 2018 to January 2021. The clutch assembly in both vehicles is the same.

The owners of the affected vehicles would be informed about the same and would be suggested to reach the closest authorized dealer for the issue. While it can mostly be a software upgrade for some. There might be a chance of already ruined pressure plates in some vehicles.