Hyundai Unveils Its Smallest Electric Vehicle Ever Based On The 45 EV Concept

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October 27, 2020 at 06:52 AM

This yet-to-be-named electric vehicle will come powered by 2 DC motors that will help propel this vehicle to a top speed of 7km/h. Interestingly, Hyundai claims that the range of this vehicle will depend on the laughter ability of the driver. How? Well, read on to find out more.

One of the leaders in the automobile industry in terms of new thinking and possibilities for the future, Hyundai, has revealed another very interesting concept. Other than carving out interesting car interiors of the future or developing new design studios for autonomous vehicles, this time they have showcased an EV. However, this is no ordinary EV as this concept EV is the brand’s smallest vehicle that they have ever built.

Hyundai hasn’t shared a plethora of details regarding this fascinating new vehicle, However, it’s obvious to see the inspiration of this thing, drawn from the 45 EV concept that the company showcased at the 2019 Frankfurt Motorshow. This yet-to-be-named EV has employed the use of the Kinetic Cube Lamp design that makes it look both sleek and sharp. The blue color on display with the orange highlights, adds to the overall aesthetics of this mini EV.

Talking of the powertrain of this EV, Hyundai has packed in two 24V DC motors in this vehicle with a power of 240W. However, don’t get too excited and expect a Tesla-like performance as the top speed of this EV is just 7 km/h. What’s interesting is the fact that Hyundai doesn’t make any claims for the range or charging time of sorts.

However, the driving range of this vehicle depends on the driver’s laughter! Yes, that’s hilarious but this comes in as a true fact. Hyundai has employed the use of something called Emotion Adaptive Vehicle Control (EAVC) technology that increases the range of the car, depending on the laughter ability of the driver. Nobody has put this to test yet but we feel that this is something that may be worth trying out, eh!

Coming to the interiors, there is just one seat in the middle of the vehicle, and is for the driver. No, this is not similar to something like a McLaren F1 as the size of this vehicle, only allows for one seat to be placed inside the vehicle. As per the Korean marquee, this seating position aims to enhance the confidence of the driver.

The entire car is built out of wood that has been the soul of automobiles of yesteryears and an eco-friendly option as well. In terms of dimensions, the car is just 1,380mm long, 810mm wide, and 820mm high. Wheelbase too stands at 810mm. The front axle length stands at 680mm, while the rear axle length comes in at 675mm.

Currently, Hyundai sells a plethora of cars as part of its EV lineup that includes both hydrogen-powered cars and battery-powered cars like the Kona, Nexo (with which it also created a world record), and the Ioniq. The Elantra and the Sonata have also taken the hybrid route for the 2021 model year with the Sonata hybrid and the Elantra hybrid sedans. Hyundai has already promised big plans for the future and it will be interesting to see, what the future holds for both the brand and customers alike.

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