Different Camry's Different Character : There's a Camry for everyone.

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K. Choubey 

Automotive Journalist

April 24, 2020  at 4:33 AM

There is barely any other midsize sedan in the market right now that is as diverse at the 2020 Toyota Camry. The regular and Hybrid Camry were already going strong while the eighth-gen Camry further enhanced the tray with a Nightshade and TRD models. Along with the newly available AWD, two styling options are also on tap with teh Toyota Camry.

There are several reasons as to why the Toyota Camry is one of the best selling family sedans in the United States ever. Its strong sales numbers over the years are a vivid testimony to the aforementioned fact. Right from its inception in 1983, the Camry has been consistently delivering on its promises of comfort, class, reliability, and convenience. 

Over the years, the Toyota Camry has undergone several generations, being equally good and delightful in all of them. However, the changing market scenario in the mid-2000s was calling for the adoption of some future-ready advancements and Toyota was swift enough to launch the Camry Hybrid in 2007. Even in its hybrid form, the Camry retained all its essential attributes along with enhanced economy. The Camry Hybrid sits high and strong in the Camry line-up even today and is also one of the best selling hybrid midsize sedans.

Even after the Hybridization, things were not done yet and there were several transitions still left for the Camry to undergo in the upcoming years. After 2010, the global automotive industry was blown away by the new SUV and Crossover wave. The new trend not only swamped the market with SUVs of all shapes and forms but also posed a lumping threat to the existence of sedans and hatchbacks. As a sustainable measure, the industry did see manufacturers revamping their line-ups to hold the market grip. Sedans and hatchbacks now started being revised with more value and features along with multiple-specked versions of the same.

Talking about the Camry, well even with all its “wholesomeness”, even the mass-favorite sedan was not completely infallible. Meant to be class and comfort oriented, the Camry had always been behind its rivals in terms of looks and driveability. Above all, the rapid transitioning market discourse was calling for major changes in the Toyota Camry, to ensure its hold in the market and its segment. Thankfully, Toyota was swift to act and did not disappoint either. Came 2018, and the Camry was completely redesigned for its eighth generation. The makeover was worthy enough and completely awe-struck Camry loyalists out there. The revised sedan was now not only sleeker and aggressive but was also more drivable, more premium, safer and more premium on the inside than ever. 

Apart from its notable changes, there was something special about the eighth-gen Toyota Camry that was garnering greater attention. The new Camry was now available in two style options to pick from. The revised trim level mainly with luxury and comfort oriented “LE” and sporty “SE” also had visual and mechanical differences apart from the regular feature-variation. The “LE” models had a large gaping grille at the front with chrome accents that looked elegant and classy in true Camry fashion. The wanna-be-sporty “SE’ models, on the other hand, were distinguished by an aggressively redesigned front grille, a revised sport-tuned suspension, as well as revised steering calibration.

The successive 2019 Camry line-up also brought along a Nightshade Edition of the “SE” with darker exterior trim. The Nightshade model featured a blacked-out grille and side-body add-ons, black mirror caps, and a black lip-spoiler too. However, things got even more interesting with the Camry in its 2020 model year. Apart from all the previously available models, the 2020 Toyota Camry not only added a “sport-nourished” TRD trim but also an optional AWD system borrowed from the Rav4 that can be paired with any of the trims except the base. 

While the AWD improves its confidence and handling abilities in adverse weather conditions, the 2020 Toyota Camry TRd is an altogether different machine. No radical changes though, but the TRD gets excessive mechanical tweaks like revised and stiffer suspension, lowered body, bigger and better brakes, thicker anti-roll bars and off-course, a standard V6 engine. Not a track-star though, but the TRD Camry delights you in a way that it has never done before. It's more stable and more confident around corners and easier to play with. 

Overall, the 2020 Toyota Camry is far more enticing than its ancestors with its diversity at its best now. There is no single as to why the 2020 Camry shouldn't be on the wishlist of anyone looking for a midsize family sedan. You can fairly live-up in elegance with the regular Camry or go-ahead with the Camry Hybrid for better gas savings. Those looking for a rare and mean statement, the Nightshade Edition surely works out for them, while those looking for extra agility and sheer driving fun, the TRD is more than enough. You name it and the 2020 Camry line-up has it all.