CES 2020: Sony Surprises The World With Its Electric Car- The Vision-S

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January 08, 2020 at 12:44 PM

Is it a new Playstation? Is it a new Walkman? Is it a new Mirrorless Camera? No! Sony is out with its Electric car Vision-S at the CES 2020, Las Vegas. Surprised? We are too!

The 2020 Consumer Electric Show(CES) is happening in Las Vegas, and companies are gearing up to present their latest and greatest innovations. When no one was expecting, the PlayStation giant SONY came up with Vision S. Yes, you heard it right, a full-fledged electric car. This electronic mobility effort is made to showcase, what the brand can offer in the future. Several manufacturers like Bosch, Continental, Blackberry, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm teamed up with Sony to create a functional prototype.

"We will accelerate our efforts to contribute to the future of mobility," said Sony's chief executive Kenichiro Yoshida while revealing the car

Sony is a household name when it comes to awe-inspiring camera sensors and entertainment technology which they have widely used in the Vision S. They keep reinventing themselves and equipped the car with a total of 33 sensors. CMOS image sensors and ToF sensors detect people and other vehicles both inside and outside the car to provide driving assistance. Sony's "360 Reality Audio" incorporates speakers' built-in car seats which will create an immersive sound experience. The vehicle is produced by Sony's AI and robotics team, which is into the development of AIBO- a cute robotic dog.

The front passenger row is addressed by a huge panoramic screen that displays a wide variety of content with an intuitive interface. Some of you may be thinking about playing "Gran Turismo" while cruising on the state highway. You will also find two huge touchscreens behind the front seats so the rear passengers can also enjoy what the car can offer. Aesthetically, the Vision S fits perfectly in the outlines of electric mobility. You will see a bit of Tesla, Byton and the side profile gives an uncanny resemblance to Lucid Motor's Air. Seating four people with two 200kW engines, it can scout to 62 MPH in 4.8 seconds, with a top speed of 149 MPH.

Officials of Sony spent a minute or two discussing the car at the end of their CES conference. According to them it is codenamed as "Safety Cocoon" and has been fully road-tested. The "newly-designed EV platform" which is engineered by Magna will be able to power other vehicle types, like SUVs.

Sony's expertise in sensor and imaging can be used in the next generation of electric vehicles. It is highly unlikely that this car will go into production, but the connected platform can be used to aid the driver in autonomous and assisted driving in the near future. Japan's tech conglomerate already supplies a lot of equipment and Vision S was their way of showcasing an all-in-one solution.

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