Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Concept Preview- Specs, Engine, Top Speed, Design & Pictures

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October 29, 2020 at 01:52 PM

This hypercar is Bugatti’s most extreme, uncompromising, fastest, and lightest concept to date and should be the face of countless automobile magazines and the fantasy of every hypercar buff.

No one saw this coming, but this was inevitable. The SSC Tuatara broke the long-standing world record top speed of the Bugatti Chiron with its nasty top speed of 331 mph! Surely, Bugatti was devoid of answers at that point but fast forward to within a week, and here is its reply. A brand new track-oriented hypercar that changes the definition of hypercar itself. You may have seen its inception in Bugatti podcasts and magazines but here it is in its final incarnation, the brand-new Bugatti Bolide.

There are pretty crazy figures on the Bolide’s spec sheet that should send shivers down the spine of even the most established hypercars. The Bolide isn’t the type to be walked over either. That's because it makes a statement with its 1850 hp generated from its incredibly famous W16 engine that was developed when the brand first came under the aegis of the Volkswagen group.

The Bolide takes everything you have known about hypercars to the next dimension. This is the ultimate icon of track-focused driving and is set to redefine all extremes. Hear the words from Bugatti’s president itself, Stephan Winkelmann “We asked ourselves how we could realize the mighty W16 engine as a technical symbol of the brand in its purest form – with solely four wheels, engine, gearbox, steering wheel and, as the only luxury, two seats.” Indeed the Bugatti Bolide takes substantial inspiration from its iconic 8-liter quad-turbo W16 engine.

History is very influential in the Bolide’s path to success as it pays tribute to the Bugatti Type 35, the most successful race cars of all time. The Type 35 dominated the 1920-1930 decade with over 2000 victories and the Bolide relishes the chance to match the legacy of its prestigious ancestor. The Bugatti Type 35 was a one-in-a-kind racecar at that time, producing about 138 hp with its high-revving 2.3-liter Inline 8 cylinder engine that could reach a top speed of 133.5 MPH, a landmark at that time. 

These supercharged Type 35s weighed only around 750 kilograms, thus permitting it an awe-inspiring weight-to-power ratio. A masterpiece in itself, with its inimitable technology, design, and performance, the Bolide strives to be exactly like the Type 35, an icon to be remembered forever down the ages.

Is the Bugatti Bolide the ultimate track icon?

Over here at Bugatti, it has always been a commitment towards reaching new levels of extremes. Be it the recent Chiron and its other derivative models like the Chiron Pur Sport who have constantly breached their own limitations by breaking multiple Guinness Book World records, Bugatti has always been an intimidating presence in the hypercar business. 

The Bolide’s extreme nature is evident in its unbelievable weight-to-power ratio of 0.67 kg per PS. It has an incredibly light vehicle weight of 2734 lbs which gives it a freakish theoretical top speed of over 310 mph! The Bolide’s standards are right on par with Formula1 and even to the extent of LMP1, achieving its maximum potential speed without sacrificing its handling and agility potential.

A new renaissance for Bugatti?

The Bolide is an automotive engineer’s dream with the most technologically advanced powertrain, hosting an absolute maniac of a modified W16 engine which ought to be the top-draw ultimate internal combustion engine in the world. The Bolide has been absolutely shredded to pieces in its weight distribution everywhere, creating the most lightweight chassis ever built. 

The Bolide represents a bright, ambitious future for Bugatti filled with more technologically advanced hypercars that would shatter every record and limitations. The Bolide is a result of a tireless experimental study to build the most freakish track-focused hypercar ever. The Bolide is a radical concept that would shape every future Bugatti hypercar and is also Bugatti’s means to present its authority to the modern automotive world.

The Bolide’s juicy powertrain

The Bolide’s illustrious journey is based on its iconic and exhilarating 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 engine. The main question where Buggati engineers were put to the test was ‘What if the unmatched might of the W16 engine met an ultimate track-focused demon?’ The end product is shimmering right before your eyes, the Bugatti Bolide which is not just a mere showpiece that can go only 200-300 miles per hour but rather a mean working machine meant to shatter speed records.

This immensely powerful engine first made its debut on the popular Bugatti Veyron almost 2 decades ago with a staggering 1001 hp power output. It then made its way onto its successor the Veyron SuperSport which offered around 1200 hp. This engine again went through a redevelopment stage a couple of years ago to integrate itself in the hood of the much-hyped Bugatti Chiron. 

Power now stood at a remarkable figure of 1500 hp and 1180 lb-ft of torque. The W16 engine’s final destination was the Chiron Pur Sport, which currently stands as Bugatti’s most track-focused sports car. The Bolide looks all set to take over as the new flagship track-focused model in Bugatti’s illustrious lineup, with its modified version of the archetypal quad-turbo W16 engine.

Buggati strives to manifest the lightest powertrain ever inside its Bolide hypercar. Bugatti hits the nail right on the head with its extreme weight reduction techniques, keeping the weight of the powertrain at bay while hitting the ball right out of the park by extracting the maximum potential of the W16. This engine goes through countless modifications to make it suitable for the race tracks as well as complying with FIA’s safety protocols. 

Bugatti also optimizes the W16 particularly for higher speeds and more spontaneous acceleration. For this, Bugatti de-throttles the intake and exhaust systems for a perfect start. The recent turbocharger attachments build up pressure and power at even higher speeds. A brand new dry-sump lubrication system sucks away the extremely high centrifugal force that limits the performance while also shredding further pounds. 

The new cooling system uses air-to-air inter-cooling and carbon-titanium turbofan radial compressors to achieve exemplary cooling for the high-performance braking system. The W16 is paired to A 7-gear DSG gearbox transmission that arrives with 3 driving modes, namely Drive, Sport, and Manual. Permanent all-wheel-drivetrain is a prerequisite for greater stability while propelling at high speeds.

Powertrain Technical Specifications are as follows:


Bugatti Bolide


8.0L Quad-Turbo W16


487.76 cubic inches

Number of valves per cylinder


Forced induction

4 exhaust-gas turbochargers


1361 kW/1825 hp @ 7,000 rpm


1364 lb-ft @ 2,000-7,025 rpm


7-speed dual-clutch automatic


Permanent all-wheel-drive

Lightweight-the magic word beyond the Bolide

The Buggati’s unbelievable dry weight of 2734 lbs is more than just a fancy number. It is the sweet fruit of years of painstaking superhuman efforts by Bugatti’s engineers to integrate every bit of weight saving measure possible. The extensive use of lightweight 3D printed titanium brings down the weight of every heavy gear part to a figure comparable in ounces. 

Don’t be fooled by its potential strength though. We came to hear on the grapevine that a pushrod that goes into the suspension setup inside the Bolide weighs about 0.22 lbs, which is lighter than your smartphone and can support a dry weight equivalent to 2 Bugatti Chirons combined, i.e about 8157 lbs! Such unreal figures were only previously realized in the aerospace industry.

Every material inside the Bolide is of unmatched tensile strength and stiffness. For example, the monocoque around the drivetrain is composed of lightweight carbon while the integral front end flanged to it is also composed of high-strength carbon fibers. The Bolide has almost 70-80% carbon in its body composition which is a huge step above the Chiron and Chiron Pur Sport, which have 10% and 30% carbon levels.

The Bolide’s aerodynamic excellence

The Bolide uses the power of air to its advantage, combining the aerodynamic knowledge of Le Mans prototypes with extensive usage of wings and flaps to generate crazy amounts of downforce. The Bolide is capable of generating 5732 lbs of downforce at 199 MPH, another crazy figure. 

The latest standout aerodynamic invention is the morphable outer skin of the intake scoop on the roof. The surface provides active airflow optimization at all speeds. A field of bubbles inflates 0.2 inches out of the surface of the scoop at high speeds, reducing aerodynamic drag by 10 percent and lift force by 17 percent. At normal speeds, the bubble field remains intact and the scoop surface stays smooth.

The Bolide features a lot of negative spaces in its structure for further aerodynamic enhancements. You can easily spot an air tunnel that goes right through the opening in the front, through the doors, and ends up near the radiators in the rear end. The three-way adjustable front splitter, adjustable fixed fear spoiler with central shark fin, air deflector panels, engine water cooler air outlets are other aero-performance facets to keep the car stable at high speeds. 

In the rear, the vertical quad exhaust in the center and the streamlined X-design kill 2 birds with one stone, keeping the design language suave as well as driving the air out of the car within no time for insane speed figures.

Get mesmerized by the Bolide’s freakish speed and acceleration figures


Bugatti Bolide

0-62 MPH (seconds)


0-124 MPH (seconds)


0-186 MPH (seconds)


0-248 MPH (seconds)


0-310 MPH (seconds)


0-248-0 MPH (seconds)


0-310-0 MPH (seconds)


Maximum Lateral Acceleration

2.8 G

The X-factor Exteriors

“Yes Mr. Wayne, it does come in black.”. The Bugatti Bolide would have been a great imitation of a real-life Batmobile if it was colored in full black. The Bolide’s dominating X-theme in its exterior philosophy is indirectly a reference to the Bell X-1 aircraft. Its pilot Captain Charles “Chuck” Yeager was the first man to breach the sound barrier way back in 1947 and hence the subsequent X-theme.

A large proportion of the bodywork is exposed in carbon fiber to give it an inherent sporty look alongside the X-shaped body lines well in sync with the car’s theme. The numerous air ducts throughout the body are reminiscent of an F1 racing car. High-quality plexiglass adorns the windshield and windows. The challenge here was to meet the demands of aerodynamics while keeping the style language aesthetically pleasing as well. The Bolide is a striking example that echoes in with Bugatti’s quintessence style while maintaining the perfect proportions for aerodynamic superiority.

The front end brings back the iconic horseshoe grille with the mouthwatering Bugatti logo in the center. In fact, the familiar Bugatti badge is the heaviest or in other words, the least weight-saving area of the entire car, go figure! The illuminated X-shaped headlights raise dopamine levels to an all-time high. 

There’s another interesting backstory behind these headlights. Back in those days when Type 35 was a rage, motorists used to seal its headlights with tape in an X-shape to prevent them from getting completely smashed while grinding the car out in a race. The X-theme carries over to the taillights too. 

These epic slim X-shaped taillights look intimidating alongside the huge rear wing and those massive Michelin racing tires. Watching them glow in the dark with the beautiful quad exhaust in the center is simply eye candy to the soul.

Exterior Dimensions-


Bugatti Bolide

Length (inches)


Width (inches)


Height (inches)


Wheelbase (inches)


Front overhang (inches)


Rear overhang (inches)


Ground clearance (to the underbody; inches)


Vehicle dry weight (lbs)


Weight-to-power ratio

0.67 kg/PS~1.5 lb/hp

The Bolide’s wicked ultra-sporty interiors

There is no hint of luxury as you step inside the interiors of the thoroughbred race car by carefully opening the extremely light scissor doors. The seating compartment is basically a full carbon-fiber tub that meets every FIA standards with 2 extremely lightweight shell seats to seat 2 individuals. The Alcantara Blue interior finish is a signature French racing car move that also stands out in the exterior color palette. 

For mirrors, you have cameras attached to both the door sides and one on the back of the shark fin to help you get a better view of your surroundings. Every view is shown through a traditional rearview mirror in the center. The steering design looks heavily influenced by F1 architecture and is coated in Alcantara Blue trimmings. 

The steering wheel includes all the crucial vehicle functions like radio controls, ABS and traction controls, and other settings placed ergonomically. The driver can further view all the relevant vehicle data on his Bosch motorsport display above the steering. The hard carbon tub seats may not be a driver’s paradise but offer adequate support and inclination to rest your back while pressing the full throttle.

Is the Bolide safe enough for the racetracks?

Bugatti plays a clever game here as it designs every safety equipment and powertrain following FIA’s regulations to deem its Bolide as a legal racecar. Some safety equipment onboard are as follows:

  • HANS device compatibility
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system
  • Towing device
  • Pressure refueling with fuel bladder
  • Central wheels locks
  • Lightweight polycarbonate windows
  • 6-point harness system

The monocoque side floors also function as a side impact structure to absorb most of the force of impact. While the safety measures onboard are in no way worthy of a life-saving tag but are pretty in compliance with the safety standards of most hypercars today.

When will the Bolide be accessible to the hypercar-crazy masses?

It remains to be seen whether Bugatti views its landmark track-oriented prototype, the Bolide, as a hypercar worthy of a production line. Bugatti wants to keep this racetrack demon exclusive to its testing grounds. 

We as relentless hypercar enthusiasts would love to gawk over an exclusive Bugatti vehicle event filled with numerous Bolides as our escape from reality. Will the mortal world be ready for such a high-magnitude extraterrestrial event? We couldn’t help but just fantasize about that dream day.

Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Concept Preview
Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Concept Preview
Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Concept Preview
Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Concept Preview
Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Concept
Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Concept
Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Concept
Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Concept
Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Concept
Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Concept Exterior
Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Concept Exterior
Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Concept Exterior
Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Concept Exterior
Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Concept Exterior
Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Concept
Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Concept
Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Concept
Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Concept
Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Concept
Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Concept
Bugatti Bolide Hypercar Concept Interior
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