2022 Lexus NX Crossover Lineup Spied Testing For The 1st Time

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January 13, 2021 at 01:17 PM

Lexus was caught testing their new NX SUV which will see a generation update after a long 6 years. Lexus has trademarked the NX 250, NX 350 and the NX 350h names as opposed to the already existing 300 lineup.

What got recently caught was Lexus’s new NX SUV which literally means Nimble X-over and hence the name. The new spy shots tell us the car is being paced through development and testing. The new-gen will soon be replacing the long aging NX which has been on roads since 2014. With this new one, it is not just the styling that sees styling here but it would also have updated powertrain options. Lexus has most of the cars hybridized and electric setups might see a change too. The new trims can include NX250, NX350 and NX350h, the names Lexus just registered/filed for. 


It will slot in between Lexus’s crossovers UX and the RX and coming as the 2022 model year NX will mostly compete with models such as the BMW X1 and Audi Q3. Also, the new version will be taking a lot from the Toyota RAV4 as speculated. A probable transition onto the front-wheel-drive GA-K version of the Toyota New Global Architecture. This also means it might grow slightly in size, with a longer wheelbase and wider track. And hence better space inside and improved dynamics.

Right now there are only two variants on sale: NX300 and NX300h with the new trademarks the trims will be joined by the NX250, NX350, and NX350h. The NX250 will most likely have a naturally aspirated 2.5-liter inline-four, Lexus could also possibly use the 302 hp plug-in-hybrid setup from the Toyota RAV4 Prime. The 350 lineup on the other hand, can come with a 3.5L naturally-aspirated V6 motor but that is just a guess for now that will be confirmed by Lexus later.


The upcoming new 2022 NX is expected to come with a host of modern features including a modern touchscreen infotainment system, as opposed to the button-laden units found in the current generation of the NX. What will likely remain unchanged is the 2-row and 5 seat configuration.

With an expected price to start at under $40,000, the NX will come as a 2022 model and will be revealed late this year or early 2021.

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