2022 Ford Expedition Tipped To Get The Infotainment Setup From The Mustang Mach-E

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K. Jetly 

Senior Correspondent

May 17, 2021  at 4:46 AM

Ford’s cousin, the Lincoln Navigator’s mid-cycle refresh is just around the corner and is expected to flaunt the same unit. The Ford is also expected to get a Timberline trim for the 2022 model year as well.

Ford’s mainstay SUV range is getting mid-life upgrades and that of course means refreshed look and equipment. The vehicles include the Expedition and Lincoln Navigator, both these SUVs would come with the 2022 model year on their chest. The big difference inside the cars would now be the new norm of the world, ‘big and widescreen’. Although most of our team members still sway away from the ongoing trend. But this is what Ford brings to the table, it is a massive vertical screen from the Mach-E and it is a sizable one! 15.5”. And with the kind of size, we already assume that most of the systems on the car would now be operated via the screen and not tactile buttons. 

Image Source - caranddriver.com

This an upgrade from the usual 8” inch infotainment screen which used to come in the outgoing model. It is the first of Ford’s lineup to have this setup after of course the Mach-E. It might also be updated with the new Sync 4 infotainment system which will enable over-the-air updates. There is only one knob for toggle just below the screen and four buttons at the bottom too. While these are the only tactile stuff to touch on the infotainment front, Navigator would give even this a miss. 

Image Source - caranddriver.com

Some of the shots that show the exteriors suggest a rugged and off-road-inspired trim that had been already spied on the oncoming Explorer. With the name ‘Timberline’, the 2022 Expedition hence would be having all-terrain tires, a skid plate and a host of new offroading features. Other than this a suspension lift of 9.8” is very much possible to make the SUV’s drive-over stuff easily. 

Image Source - caranddriver.com

The Timberline trim name was also seen on the upcoming 2022 Explorer SUV that was also caught testing recently. Ford is all set to reveal the all-new Raptor via its official YouTube channel. It’s been plagued with quality issues off late that has caused delays in the launch of its much-anticipated Bronco SUV as well.