2022 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Expected To Release By July

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K. Jetly 

Senior Correspondent

April 23, 2021  at 6:32 PM

All-new Chevrolet Corvette Z06 was again spy shot, will come with most-powerful N/A V8, release expected in July 2021.

Chevrolet Corvette C8 has been doing well for the brand and the company has lined up launches for 2021, 2022 and so on. The spy shots of the different variants never stop coming and with additions to an already impressive car. But there is already news of a new one with updated power and upgraded dynamics. The last story we did on the ‘Vetter was of the wide-tire Z06 and it has been spy shot again. 

There is a lot based on the Corvette C8 platform that is yet to come and the new editions which will keep adding to the lineup year-by-year will be E-Ray, ZR1, Zora and the Z06. And while the E-Ray and Zora are almost top of the line and would release as we reach 2025, the Z06 is in the latest works of development. There is not much information available on the same but let us discuss what sources say.

The all-new Z06 is said to be having the double-overhead camshaft V8 engine which is very closely based on the Cadillac’s recent 4.2L unit in the Blackwing edition. The Z06 will also be built at the very plant. What gets us excited is that the engine will be naturally aspirated and red-line to an impressive and Ferrari-like 9,000 rpm. Matter of factly Ferrari just released a teaser of its go-faster Superfast V12 that goes up to 9,500 rpm. The Corvette unit is speculated to be producing 617 hp.

What has been said about it is it being benchmarked against the Ferrari 458 Speciale which sounds very ambitious. The gearbox would be an eight-speed automatic gearbox that will be tuned to the peaky V8 engine. 

The most distinguishable features are the unusually fat tires and upgraded exhaust system which can be clearly seen in the spy pictures. Also, the suspension would be upgraded with e-differential to improve the traction. Aerodynamic surfaces would be added to take on high-speeds as well.

As learned by sources the 2022 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z06 will be released by mid-year. And the prices and further specifications will be hence released, though the prices will be over $100,000 mark. The competition is fearsome in the form of Jaguar F-Type R, Porsche 911 Turbo and Mercedes-Benz AMG GT-R