2022 BMW iX Electric SUV Preview- Expected Launch Date, Price, Features, Range, Specs & Photos

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March 24, 2021  at 9:33 AM

BMW has finally stepped into the electric mobility game with its all-new BMW iX. Expected to be launched in 2022, the BMW iX is set to combine an output of around 500 horsepower with a range of 300 miles.

BMW has been pioneering electric cars for a while and then suddenly took to stand and watch others enter the field and battle each other. With their ever-popular i8 and incredibly engineered i3, BMW has shown promise when it comes to electric mobility. It took them longer than the rest of its German counterparts to come up with an electric vehicle but hopes of an EV future were seen with the debut of the i4 concept preview

The BMW iX is their answer to the Tesla Model X, Audi E-Tron, and the Mercedes EQC. Scheduled to arrive in 2022, the BMW iX SAV is set to combine an output of around 500 horsepower with a range of 300 miles. While pricing is yet to be disclosed, we reckon the 2022 BMW iX would linger around the $70,000 mark, give or take.

2022 BMW iX Motor And Powertrain

The BMW iX utilizes two synchronous electric motors for propulsion. The two motors are mounted on each axle for a continuous all-wheel-drive distribution. The motors are water-cooled and developed in-house by engineers at BMW. While we don't have much information from BMW, we hope they launch a RWD single motor setup in order to reduce complications and more importantly the cost. 


BMW iX Electric

Tesla Model X

Audi e-Tron Premium Plus 


>$70,000 (Est)




Dual Synchronous water-cooled electric motors

Dual 3 phase. 4 pole AC Induction Motor with Copper Rotors

Dual Asynchronous Electric motors






Direct Drive

Single Speed direct drive

Single Speed Direct Drive


500 hp (Est)

778 hp




841 lb-ft


0-60 MPH

<5 seconds

4.7 seconds

5.5 seconds

Quarter Mile


11.28 seconds

16 seconds

Top Speed


155 MPH

124 MPH

Power figures are estimated to be around 500 horsepower of total combined output. This means the BMW iX can manage a sub-5-second dash to 60 mph just like the Tesla. The BMW iX is the first model to be based on a new, modular, scalable architecture on which the future BMW products will be built.

What range should you expect from the 2022 BMW iX?

This is where the BMW iX is expected to blitz the competition. For starters, the iX is estimated to get 300 miles of range from EPA’s FTP-75 test procedure. BMW has stated these figures are estimates based on the current stage of development and could possibly improve once testing ends. These figures are achieved in reliance with an efficient battery pack estimated to be over 100 kWh. The battery in question is expected to be a floor-mounted setup common to EVs and would employ rectangular cells with an actively cooled bottom plate


BMW iX Electric

Tesla Model X

Audi e-Tron Premium Plus 

MPGe (City)




MPGe (Highway)




MPGe (Combined)





300 miles 

305 miles

248.5 miles

Aside from the impressive fuel efficiency, BMW offers the iX with DC fast charging which according to them can charge from 10 to 80 percent in under 40 minutes. Furthermore, they say it will be capable of adding 75 miles for every 10 minutes of charge. At an 11 kW charging station, the battery takes 11 hours to complete a full charge from zero percent.

What about the interiors of the 2022 BMW iX?

As for the interiors, the BMW iX is a glimpse of how future car interiors would look like. For starters, the cabin is dominated by a 14.9-inch curved glass unit that sits above the dashboard. Paired with a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, the driving experience is amplified even more with an updated heads-up-display. In addition to this, the center stack houses the signature iDrive controller and a rocker switch that replaces the conventional transmission shifter. Aside from these, The infotainment screen also incorporates functions for changing various vehicle settings instead of physical buttons as is the norm with EVs of today.

The iX's cabin will offer a glass roof that makes it feel even airier and helps outward visibility. As stated by BMW, the glass roof has an electrochromic function that tints the glass with the push of a button. The crossover's front center console looks to provide generous storage space beneath the large touchscreen. In addition to this, smartphone storage is offered inside the large center-console with wireless charging capabilities.

How’s the Exterior styling of the 2022 BMW iX?

BMW emphasizes the fact that the iX is an SAV with the X5’s functionality coupled with the sporting nature of the BMW X6 and the visual impact of the BMW X7. A bit of a dramatic explanation for a restyled X5. However, though the dimensions are fairly similar to the X5, the iX looks a lot more compact than its gasoline-powered sibling. BMW has brought in significant styling updates with frameless doors that have deployable handles sitting flush with the body when the car is locked or in motion, much like the Range Rover Velar. On the design front, BMW has carried the 4-series grille with slightly angular proportions to the iX that offer a slew of functions. This being an electric crossover, camera technology, radar functions, and other sensors are integrated seamlessly into the grille behind a transparent surface. 

The headlights feature slim designs that add to a minimalist take on BMW’s familiar face. The character of the BMW iX is also faithfully reflected in the design of the rear of the vehicle. The modern and minimalist design language with a small number of seams and character lines add richness to the exterior and resembles the ones seen in the Q7 with a wrap-around design.

BMW took to the effort of optimizing the iX3 with aero wheels and aerodynamic exterior elements to get a coefficient of drag of 0.25. The aerodynamic elements for the front end, rear end, underbody, and wheel areas alone add over 40 miles to the car’s overall range. Some 16 miles of this can be attributed to the third-generation active air flap control at the front of the vehicle, which directs cooling air to the drive units and brake system when required.

What about the safety offered in the 2022 BMW iX?

The BMW iX comes standard with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a car at this price point. That said, the NHTSA or IIHS is yet to rate the BMW iX for its crashworthiness. However, BMW equips the iX with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, whilst combining an array of sensors for a state of the art driver monitoring system. The incorporation of these technologies enables the BMW iX for Level 3 driver assistance with self-driving abilities. BMW officials have stated that the iX3 could feature Level 3.5 autonomy which points towards an eyes-off operation.

Pricing and Release Date

BMW hasn’t revealed a lot regarding the pricing of the iX but the electric crossover is slated for a 2022 release which gives them enough time to iron out niggles during testing. With such a promising product up their sleeves, BMW is sure to take the market by a decent margin. Not only that, Tesla’s strong point was its batteries and the range they offered. Seeing as many other manufacturers have developed better batteries with more range, Tesla needs to up their game and the iX3 proves (at least on paper) to be significantly better in terms of performance and efficiency.