2021 Mercedes-Benz W223 S Class Spied In Near Production Guise Before September Launch

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K. Jetly 

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March 24, 2021  at 6:32 AM

It seems that Mercedes-Benz has nothing to hide with its all-new W223 S-class. About to be out soon, it's very recent spy pics didn’t even wear enough camo. Mercedes has also revealed few glimpses of the interiors of this new S-Class, indicating an imminent launch.

German automaker Mercedes-Benz is benchmarking the ultra-luxury car segment since a couple of decades. And everyone takes note of the new S-class to get back to their drawing board. The W223 generation would be hitting the stage in September. And the on-going tests are shedding camo wraps and the form of the car has more evident than ever. The recently spied pictures of the S-class getting tested just have disguise worked upon the headlights and tail lights. Most of the car has shed its wrap. And we have the pictures!

Most of the design cues can be understood now, the handles are flush in the body and create a seamless flow and continuity of body lines. Also makes the car slipperier in air and would also affect fuel efficiency, considering it would mostly hit highways. The headlights look narrow and hence sharp looking. The taillights are also interesting and have more in common to the updated E-class than previous generation S-class.

Wheelbase adopted by Mercedes on this one is slightly longer than the outgoing model. But designers hide dimensions well hence, the car won’t feel longer. The resemblance to the E-class has had its own kind of discussion, it does show up like that. But it's just camos now, we don’t know what will be the final result.

The new S-class would adapt an all-new dashboard design which would also be reflected in its EV version namely “EQS”, and that would be range-topping and flagship EV Daimler would be putting on the table. We just hope the production would not cover 5 screens around us. There would Augmented Reality technology in its HUD, a big-sized infotainment screen and would be added up with further goodies.

Staying true to “W223” it will be an all-new platform, it might look from pictures that it has the same underpinnings as the W222, but that is not the case. If the S-class wasn’t enough, think about it! There is a Maybach version that has to be developed too probably with a V12 and All Wheel Drive setup. Mercedes-Benz will preview the new S-class this 29th July and then a final teaser would be on 12th August. We have started our timers.

As promised, here is a quick look at the interiors of the upcoming W 223 S-Class.

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