2021 BMW 4-Series Spied With A Massive Kidney Grille Upfront

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Senior Correspondent April 04, 2020 at 09:18 AM
Yes, it’s happening. The massive kidney grille is coming down to other BMW models as well and the 4-series seems to be the latest model to get this treatment after the X7. Here’s everything that we know so far about this upcoming Bimmer.

BMW seems to be obsessed with big kidney grilles and the latest treatment, seems to have been given to the 4-series. Recently, it was seen in a couple of camouflage dresses on its coupe trims; however, we are witnessing the same in the convertible models of the series. Some might even speculate whether the grille is attached to the vehicle or vice-versa.


The width of the grill is wide enough for a European-spec plate to stretch from one side to the other and its length is equally popular over the web. So we can get an idea about the appearance of a legit front mounted license plate upon the grille. Everything else about the convertible appears to be similar to a soft yet of the highest range. The lower front fascia covered by the camouflage shows more aggressiveness in the vehicle than the pre-existing M340i.

Moreover, the lower front fascia also showcases an outward standout flashy design. Besides the fascia, the light of the test model displays business attire and depicts sharp angles. The exhaust is blocky and huge like the M340i models. Additionally, the blue brake calipers display imagery of the same M model too. The test model seems spectacular if you leave out the front grille.

Reviewers will be happy to learn that the grille on this BMW, is not as large as the Concept 4 models. The prototype model depicted obscurity at the front. A closer look at the model suggests that it has inward and bottom curves at the corners. Therefore, this aspect may probably be able to give a wider appearance in the production trims and not the buck-tooth grille designs as visible in the Concept 4.

Another important aspect of the prototype is that it showcased chain mail grilles or similar insertions visible in the concept trims. Reviewers speculate that this could be standard in the series. They are doing so based on the leaked pictures of the M models that displayed horizontal bars and not the shiny stars.

Furthermore, as per BMW's official blog site, an article published on February 24th, 2020, next year's series of models will have two enormous merging gaping kidney grilles. These will amalgamate in the midst of creating a giant grille. The article even stated that the company didn’t have the license plate for the prototype. Therefore, it placed the plate on the dashboard instead of the front position.

The article even stated that the 2021 trims would have the traditional dotted design visible in the M models. The design involves vertical slat grille insertions, which are also evident in the prototype. One can even speculate that the trims visible in the series are similar to the M440i and M440d from the grille perspective in the front. The company also understands the apron design of M Sport package performance models remains identical to the aerodynamic package except for the grille. The design of the tail light for the 4-Series models is much better sculpted than the 3-Series. The taillights showcase a sporty rump look. The revelation of upcoming year trims is expected in June and followed with a market launch later in the year.

An article published on February 5th, 2020 even stated that similar reviews of the grille had similarities to the M model and taillight similarities with the 3ers. It even stated that the 4ers have sleeker and a slight upward notch at the bottom headlights than the 3ers. Also, the bumper appears sporty and classy. According to them, the massive front grille is bound to make a small impression among its buyers. It isn’t as bad as reviewers are stating it could be.

As mentioned earlier, the revelation of the model was expected late in the summer. Reviewers and potential buyers were also awaiting the launch of the electric i4 model of the series at the Geneva Motor Show, scheduled to happen during the first week of March 2020. Unfortunately, the show was canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

But we are not making our final judgments until the car is revealed at the upcoming auto show. We hope that the show doesn’t get postponed or canceled so that we can understand more about the model. As of now, the prototype appears astonishing in terms of appearance. We are also awaiting an official online reveal from the manufacturer sometime soon during this year. It would be great to view the car either way once the ongoing coronavirus quarantine ends. Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming automobile shows, BMW and its models.

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