2021 Acura MDX Gallery - Interior and Exterior Pictures Revealed!

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October 16, 2020 at 04:49 AM

The next-Gen Acura MDX has been finally revealed as the MDX Prototype and gives an overview of the upcoming 2021 Acura MDX. The major buzz is the 2021 MDX Type S which will get a new 3.0L Turbo V6, which means more fun! It also gets a redesigned exterior which is longer and wider along with sharper styling. It goes well with the reworked interior that is more upscale and adds a ton of new technology features. The 2021 Acura MDX will launch in early 2021 and will be priced from $45,500 (est.)

2021 Acura MDX Latest Updates:

Welcome to the 2021 Acura MDX’s jewel shop where we discover the visual secrets behind the SUV’s scintillating Interior and exterior design. Acura gave us the first proper look at its top-of-the-line luxury SUV with the recently unveiled MDX Prototype. It is the much-needed upgrade for the MDX that has been unchanged for the last 6 years. It sure gets a major exterior overhaul, but it's the cabin that sits in the spotlight with major upgrades of added luxury and a redesigned dashboard.

Know More About The Acura MDX:

Feast your eyes with the heavily updated 2021 Acura MDX

The all-new MDX now bears a brawnier stance than before eliminating the complaints of those who found it to look a bit Minivan-ish. With what we know so far, this SUV has now grown a bit wider and bears more imposing elements in the front, challenging the likes of its immediate rivals such as BMW X5, Audi Q7, and Infiniti QX60 more efficiently. This much-needed generation upgrade will finally give its well-versed competitors a serious run for the money, just like the good old days!

Exterior Pictures of the 2021 Acura MDX SUV

Here are some exclusive images of the upcoming 2021 Acura MDX’s exterior that explains a plethora of changes upcoming in this highly anticipated Honda’s luxury crossover:

  • Front View Shot, to begin with: Although not much can be judged, the upright hood should be a very promising design cue for the upcoming 2021 Acura MDX SUV. The curvy A-pillar is carried forward from its predecessor though, but that shouldn’t be a problem anymore, considering the new MDX now looks like a full-fledged SUV in all its senses.

  • A completely redesigned front end: The close-up image of the 2021 Acura MDX’s front end suggests a redesigned bumper with a bit more aggressive LED headlights that add to the imposing stance of the SUV. This adds to the futuristic essence of the SUV, without straying much from its base design language.

  • Side Profile is now more upright: The 2021 Acura MDX’s side profile spy shot reveals the more upright C-Pillar and the hood of the SUV, dumping the controversial Minivan-ish look.

  • Rear uplifts the brawny stance from the side view: The rear portion below the windshield is now all straight lines with more SUV elements drawing a lot of inspiration from the Honda Pilot. Moreover, it might be a sin to miss those quad-exhaust pipes screaming for attention. If you look closely enough, you can also see the air suspension setup retained from the previous model. Is it going to be offered as standard? Well, only time will tell.

  • Here’s a walk down the memory lane to caress your taste buds: The 2021 Acura MDX  has come a long way in terms of design language and form factor. It might have stuck to the form factor that was introduced 6 years ago, but the upcoming 2021 MDX has been drastically improved inside out. Here's a look at the journey so far.

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Interior Pictures of the 2021 Acura MDX

Although most of the cues from the MDX Prototype will come forth in the upcoming 2021 Acura MDX SUV, here are a few details to give you an idea as to what extra visual updates you might come across inside the SUV once it launches:

  • A Sneak peek into the Seating Arrangement: Another picture surfacing the internet reveals how seven people can easily find comfort in that brawny exterior of the 2021 Acura MDX. Quite similar to the 2020 model of the MDX, there’s isn’t much difference expected here.


Although we have covered a detailed review of the 2021 Acura MDX with regard to the Acura MDX Prototype along with all the specifications of the car, stay tuned to this page, as we update the latest pictures of the 2021 Acura MDX right here along with other surprises that Acura might feel like dropping, while nearing launch.

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2021 Acura MDX Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When is the 2021 Acura MDX release date?

The 2021 Acura MDX could launch sometime by September 2020. However, nothing is known for sure for now.

Which year Acura MDX is the best?

According to some reports, 2013 is the best model year to buy a used Acura MDX. In general, all models since 2011 have proven to be quite reliable.

What kind of gas is good for Acura MDX?

People have claimed that the Acura MDX runs fine on regular gasoline. However, the manufacturer recommends 91 octane which is sure to boost performance.

Are Acura MDX parts expensive?

The biggest benefit brands like Acura have is the fact that they sure are luxurious in every sense but not when it comes to expenses. The Acura MDX costs between $500-$600 to maintain annually. That is quite less for the luxury midsize SUV segment. You'll also be happy to know that its parts are also not as expensive as other similar SUVs.

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