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When it comes to cars, we Americans seem to love the Japanese brands. Honda also enjoys the similar love of American consumers for its enjoyable engineering marvels. Well, You don't drive a Honda you feel it. Known for a lot of good characters, Honda and it cars have remained an adjective for words such as reliable, well built, adept, efficient and value for money in the Automotive world. The brand scales tested vehicles across the country from the all-time best family sedan the Honda Accord, the sportier Honda Civic Si sedan known for its cult performance and the practical Honda CR-V SUV to the family hauler Honda Odyssey minivan. These cars attract a heritage of the brand's impeccable and versatile presence in the US. Read More...


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More About honda


More about Honda

Popular among its buyers for the performance, design, well built and reliable mobility solutions, Honda is global manufacturers for automobiles and other power equipment. The company manufactures everything from lawnmowers, cars, ships to airplanes and satellite parts. Honda is an irresistible part of the American car and automobile market, in just 4 decades the company develops, manufactures, services, and markets products across the region of America. How did Honda start its journey in the US? Read Below.

  • Most Fuel-efficient - Honda Clarity Electric
  • Most Popular - Honda Civic
  • Best Selling - Honda Accord
  • Lowest Priced - Honda Fit

The brand owns some of the most intriguing drives in the American car history, the Honda Accord is accorded as the best car award winner several times in the sedan segment with an all-time best seller tag, the niche performer Honda Civic that stuns every sedan lover for its looks and drive and handling on-road with its multifaceted lineup, the most fun to drive vehicle Honda Fit and the prestigious family SUV Honda Pilot that drives the American lifestyle inside a Japanese built.

Today Honda’s lineup in America runs everything from fuel-sipping hybrid crossovers Honda CR-V Hybrid, a spacious minivan Honda Odyseey, reliable family sedan Honda Accord, practical compact SUVs such as the Honda CR-V and the mightier Honda Ridgeline pickup. Honda continues to be one of the most loved Japanese in the US, with millions of satisfied customers and fans.

Honda in America

How did Honda "start its journey" in the US? The company which was originally incorporated in 1948 after the second world war in the city of Hamamatsu, Japan entered the US market in 1959 with its first U.S. storefront “American Honda Motor Company Ltd” that was opened in Los Angeles, California. Based on the commitment to manufacture products close to its US market peers the company set up its first local manufacturing plant at Marysville, in the state of Ohio in 1979.

How did Honda Motorcycles come to America?

In America, Honda built its first Subsidiary outside Japan. But the company was not into selling cars or pickup, in 1959 they introduced a line of efficient, affordable and fun to drive motorcycles in the US that quickly became an icon of the American roads. The success of the motorcycle business made it more attractive for the Honda motor company to increase further business in the US market that was followed by the Honda CIVIC after a decade, the rising gas prices in the US and stricter regulatory norms and emission rules helped the brand make better and more efficient vehicles for the US market.

Honda had a hard time sparking interest among American buyers for its cars until the Honda Civic was launched in 1973. The car was appealing to US consumers compared to the lengthy American designs. The Civic was both fuel-efficient and affordable which made it Honda’s first American market successor. Accord followed civic’s pedigree and became a favorite with consumers in the U.S market. Honda created the Acura brand focusing more on upscale and luxurious vehicles.

Today the company has more than 18 manufacturing plants in the US located in diverse areas that stretch from east to west. The company employees continuous research and innovation in the US market to bring breakthrough products that have wowed the market over the past 4 decades. It has set up unique research facilities located across North America that have the capacity to design, develop and test new vehicles and technology.