General Motors Company (GMC) is a division of the GMC Division of General Motors LLC, established to focus on producing SUVs, trucks, and vans. The company traces back to 1902, founded under Rapid Motor Vehicle Company in Pontiac, Michigan. In 1909 Rapid Motor Vehicle Company was made a subsidiary of General Motors Company along with Reliance Motor Car Company. By 1911 General Motors Truck Company was formed with the merger of Rapid and Reliance. GMC came to light when one of their trucks crossed the country in thirty days’ time from Seattle to New York City in 1916. After a decade another record was set when a GMC truck was driven from New York to San Francisco in 5 days 30 mins time. GMC trucks were used by the United States Armed Forces during the second world war. By 1943 General Motors purchased all shares of Yellow Truck & Coach Manufacturing Company and renamed it GMC Truck and Coach Division. It was dedicated as a manufacturer of tough and capable trucks. Read More...


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The sales figure went up when the engines were switched to a six-cylinder Buick-built motor. GMC Trucks earned the term of being the fastest in their classes. Soon the production line was producing everything from half-ton pickups to 10-ton trucks and buses. New truck-based station wagon models were also introduced to perform both duties of a utility truck and car comfort. In 1996, the GMC truck division was merged with Pontiac Motor Division by GM. This was done in order to allow a single dealership that offers both trucks and entry to mid-segment cars. Although GMC trucks share most of the Chevrolet truck components and identity, GMC is positioned a step above in terms of interior luxury and other premium features. 

GMC celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2002 with the release of a book entitled GMC: The First 100 Years which accounts for the complete history of the company. The first unibody vehicle was introduced in 2007 named Acadia which is showcased as a crossover SUV. GM shut down its Moraine, Ohio plant on December 23, 2008. Production on medium-duty commercial trucks ended soon in 2019.

Currently, GM has combined its items and GMC's trucks have gotten less individualistic subsequently. Today, the vast majority of GMC's vehicles are basically indistinguishable from those sold by Chevrolet. The principle contrasts lie in minor highlights and configuration changes that give GMC's contributions a progressively upscale picture.

GMC vice president said in a press conference that the brand is working on stuffing trucks with luxurious features in the coming future. This means the brand would be working on bringing up trucks that are different from the competition. The new models will hold strong against all interior comfort and luxuries provided. The downside of current GMC trucks is their lack of interior features which would be taken care of in the upcoming generation.