2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible

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2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Complete In-depth Review & Buying Guide

Updated on: July 10, 2020
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Karan Harit

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The Ford Mustang is one of the three possible images that comes to mind every time someone mentions an American muscle car. Along with the Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro, the trio have formed a fanbase that has been growing for the last five decades. With the year 2020, the Ford Mustang lineup has been glorified by the return of the powerful Shelby GT500 and the iconic Bulitt. However, the Premium trims fill the gap in the middle quite well. The Ford Mustang GT Convertible provides that perfect balance between the bonkers Shelby and the way-too-sensible EcoBoost.

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Good performance value

Mean muscle car looks

Slick automatic transmission

Technology well up to par


Thirsty V8 engine

Sub-par build quality

Rear seats not suitable for adults

What's New?

The 760-horsepower Shelby GT500 comes all-new for 2020

High Performance Package available for the EcoBoost trims

FordPass Connect now comes as standard


vehicle bio

base price



2dr Convertible

passenger capacity




engine type


302 cu.in.


460 hp @ 7000 rpm


420 lbs.-ft. @ 4600 rpm


6-Speed Manual


frame type


suspension front

Independent front strut suspension

suspension rear

Independent rear multi-link suspension

brake rotors (f/r)




107.1 in.


64.9 in.


75.4 in.


54.9 in.

curb weight

3891 lbs.


passenger volume

80.8 cu ft.

cargo volume

11.4 cu ft.


zero to 60 mph

4.1 sec.

standing ¼-mile

12.2 sec.

fuel economy


15/25/18 mpg

highway range

384 mi.


basic warranty

3 yr./ 36000 mi.

drivetrain warranty

5 yr./ 60000 mi.

corrosion warranty

5 yr. /unlimited

roadside assistance

5 yr. / 60000 mi.

Pictures & Videos

2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Exterior video


2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible in Burgundy Metallic color 2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible in Black color 2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible in Aluminum Silver color
Burgundy Metallic

Vehicle images are guides only and may not reflect the model's exact specifications/features– exact specifications/features should be confirmed with the seller.




Engine And Performance


Fuel Economy










Final Verdict




Trims and Configurations


2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible GT Premium

GT Premium

460 hp @ 7000 rpm
Premium unleaded (recommended)
18 combined

$45,130 - $46,725

Style Prices MPG Engine Transmission Drivetrain Seats Colors
Premium 2dr Convertible (5.0L 8cyl 6M) Starting at $45,130 MSRP (15/18/25) 460 hp @ 7000 rpm, 5 L, V-8, premium unleaded (recommended)
6-Speed Manual rear wheel drive 4
Premium 2dr Convertible (5.0L 8cyl 10A) Starting at $46,725 MSRP (15/18/25) 460 hp @ 7000 rpm, 5 L, V-8, premium unleaded (recommended)
10-Speed Automatic rear wheel drive 4

Expert Review


Overall Rating

Although it may look too awkward to some, the convertible Mustang is actually one of the more iconic pieces of automotive history. ,Hammering the throttle across Route 66 in an open top Mustang GT with nothing but the sound of the wind and a powerful V8 engine ringing in your ears it is one of the most exquisite experiences you can have in a car. The new Ford Mustang GT adds to that with a more modern touch of technology. Even the interior of the car is more plush than previous generation Mustang.

Still, the Ford Mustang GT Convertible is not out of the woods with its innovations. There are some serious competitors that give it a lot of challenges to break into the US automotive market. The Chevrolet Camaro is one all-time rival that faces off with its SS Convertible. The BMW 2-series Convertible has a trim that offers more luxury than any sports coupe in this price range along with an AWD. You can even get a Mercedes-Benz convertible at this price range. With the entry-level SLC Roadster, you may not get a lot of power but its handling characteristics make it more than sufficient.

2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Front View
2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Rear View



Engine and Performance


Fuel Economy










Final Verdict


2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Features


The 2020 Ford Mustang lineup has a little something for everyone. The GT Convertible comes as a single trim. Going for the Convertible, you get all the features of the GT Premium Fastback along with the ability to take the roof off in under 10 seconds. For the outside of the car, the Premium adds quad-tip exhausts, raised decklid spoiler and 20-inch painted aluminum alloy wheels. All of these give the Mustang GT an aggressive look that lets the others know that it is not here to mess around.


Mustang GT Convertible



Key Features

5.0L V8


460 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque


Heated and Cooled Front Seats


MagneRide Adaptive Suspension


Torsen Limited-Slip Differential


20-inch Painted Aluminum Alloy Wheels


12-inch Driver Side Instrument Cluster


Nappa Leather Upholstery


B&O 12-Speaker Premium Audio System

What configuration should you prefer?

The Ford Mustang GT Convertible comes with a single trim that gets you the most out of the features list. For a more engaging driving experience, you can add in Performance Pack 2 that gives you an upgraded brakes set and a sports exhaust.

2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Engine and Performance


Every 2020 Ford Mustang GT has a 5.0L V8 under the hood. This unit gives 460 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque for the driver to play around with. Just turning the ignition on for the first time and listening to the engine rumble is enough to give you an idea of what this beast is capable of. Moreover, since the powertrain is naturally-aspirated, you wouldn’t have to worry about throttle response like those pesky turbo-powered Japanese tuners.

The default transmission is a 6-speed dual clutch that features an automatic rev-matching function. This does not let you feel out of revs even after you downshift too much or too little before a turn. For those looking for a more hands-off approach, there is the 10-speed automatic. The Premium even includes features like Launch Control and Line Lock, giving you an edge in the weekend drag races.


Ford Mustang GT Convertible

Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible

BMW 230i xDrive Convertible

Mercedes-Benz SLC 300 Roadster







5.0L Premium  V8

6.2L Premium  V8

2.0L Turbocharged inline-4

2.0L Turbocharged inline-4







6-Speed Dual Clutch Manual with Auto Rev-Matching

6- Speed Manual

8-Speed Sport Automatic

9-Speed G-Tronic Automatic











The Ford Mustang packs in the most power while the Camaro has the most torque. This translates well into their respective acceleration figures, with the Camaro leading the pack. Both the Bimmer and Merc pack in way less power than their American competitors, yet their more refined transmissions give them the ability to put it to good use.

Is the Mustang GT Convertible fast?

With so much power running to the rear wheels, the Ford Mustang GT translates it well into acceleration figures. It can do a -60 mph run in 4.2 seconds and a quarter-mile drag in 12.2 seconds. The launch control will help you achieve the perfect start while the line lock allows you to cover the lanes with tire smoke.

 2020 Mustang cover 0-60 mph in just 4.2 sec.

The Mustang is one of the few cars that don’t let you feel afraid of its power. It may not pack in as much as the legendary Shelby GT500 right out the gate. In spite of that, it doesn’t lack in offering a thrill of an all-American muscle car when called for.


Ford Mustang GT Convertible

Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible

BMW 230i xDrive Convertible

Mercedes-Benz SLC 300 Roadster

0-60 MPH

4.4 sec

4.2 sec

5.3 sec

5.6 sec

Quarter Mile

12.6 sec

12.3 sec

13.9 sec

14.7 sec

Top Speed 155 MPH 165 MPH N/A 155 MPH


5.0L Premium  V8

6.2L Premium  V8

2.0L Turbocharged inline-4

2.0L Turbocharged inline-4

The lighter, more nimble Camaro SS is the fastest hard top convertible you can get in this segment. It is followed closely by the Ford Mustang, which lacks just because of its excess weight. Going for the Performance Pack 2 might change the result of such a drag race. The BMW 2-series and Mercedes SLC 300 have to make do with a sluggish pace, though.

How well do the brakes work?

The Ford Mustang GT handles its sheer chassis weight rather well. It has big 4-piston Brembo performance brakes in the front and dual-piston variants in the rear wheels.

The massive brakes bring the Mustang GT Convertible to a stop from 60 mph within 106 feet.

The massive brakes bring the Mustang GT Convertible to a stop from 60 mph within 106 feet. The brake pedal is firm, so it may cause some discomfort in stop-and-go traffic. For highway speeds, it helps with maintaining a good control of the car.


Ford Mustang GT Convertible

Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible

BMW 230i xDrive Convertible

Mercedes-Benz SLC 300 Roadster

Brake Rotors Front





Brake Rotors Rear





Curb Weight

4554 lbs

3937 lbs

3821 lbs

3384 lbs

60-0 MPH

106 ft

101 ft

113 ft

108 ft

The Camaro SS boasts a lighter all-aluminum chassis. That, combined with six-piston Brembo performance brakes, gives it a great braking performance. The Mercedes and BMW may be lighter, but they need bigger brakes to match the American muscle cars in this segment.

How does the Mustang GT handle around corners?

Finally, Ford has been generous enough to equip the Mustang with independent multi-link rear suspension. This provides a lot of traction to the tires. Therefore, you don’t have to fear careening off the road the next time you throttle up out of a corner. The steering is responsive. Its tight ratios keep the car facing the direction where the driver intends to go. But turn the traction control off and you can pull some sick drifts if you have the courage.

2020 Ford Mustang GT 3 Quarter View

Equipped with the MagneRide damping suspension, the Ford Mustang GT offers a compliant ride regardless of the tarmac quality. It is automatically adjustable to make the car more comfortable or stiffened up to increase grip. The base trim of the Mustang GT Fastback has some road noise along with the constant grunt of the engine, audible to every occupant inside. The Premium tones it down a lot less with its noise cancelling B&O sound system.

2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Fuel Economy


With such a high power output, the Ford Mustang GT Fastback may be forgiven if it doesn’t save you a lot on your monthly gas bills. Still, it offers a decent combined EPA rated mileage of 19 mpg, making it a daily driver by the skin of the teeth. Other muscle cars in this segment offer similar numbers, albeit the larger fuel tanks give them a lot of range.


Ford Mustang GT Convertible

Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible

BMW 230i xDrive Convertible

Mercedes-Benz SLC 300 Roadster

MPG (City)





MPG (Highway)





MPG (Combined)





Fuel Capacity

16.0 gallons

19.0 gallons

13.7 gallons

15.9 gallons

Range (City/Hwy/Combined) N/A 304/456/361 miles 288/425/369 miles 366/509/429 miles

Emission (Tons/yr of CO2 Emissions @ 15K mi/yr)





The Nissan 370Z is your best bet if you are looking for a sports car that can offer a good fuel economy. However, it is at the expense of a lot of power that shrinks down on the overall performance. And if you are so keen on getting a lot of miles every gallon of premium fuel consumed, you are better suited for an Asian hatchback rather than a full-fledged muscle car.

2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Interior


For a car that costs under 50 grand, the interior of the Ford Mustang GT Convertible is very fleshed out. There is a choice between high-performance Recaro seats and good quality leather upholstery, all up to the preference of the shopper. There still exist some plasticky bits that remind you how such a powerful car costs so less. The build quality needs an overhaul, too, as a few panel gaps are clearly visible from the driver’s POV.

The interior of the Ford Mustang GT 2020 Convertible is very fleshed out

To the front passengers, the Ford Mustang GT may feel very comfortable with 6-way power adjustable seats and a lot of legroom. The steering wheel is positioned so as to keep the driver comfortable without relinquishing control. While the front seats are cozy, the rear seats are nothing more than a storage shelf. Additionally, anything but the front of the cabin has terrible visibility. You need to be real careful when backing the Mustang up in crowded parking lots.


Ford Mustang GT Convertible

Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible

BMW 230i xDrive Convertible

Mercedes-Benz SLC 300 Roadster

Seating Capacity





Front Row (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (in)





Rear Row (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (in)





Of course, this is a car that has the ability to take the top down. It may be fast but you have to keep the lever pulled until the roof is taken on or off. Other convertibles in this segment might take more time to take the roof down, but at least you can do that on the move and with simplicity. In all the convertibles in this segment, the BMW 230i is the best in terms of interior. It provides more space to the passengers and has a usable trunk with the top down.

Is the infotainment system any good?

Ford has made the FordPass Connect system as standard on all trims. Therefore, the Ford Mustang GT Convertible has navigation and 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot available from the get-go. At the center of the console sits an 8-inch touchscreen that supports GM’s trusted Sync 3 Infotainment System.

The 2020 Mustang GT 8-inch touchscreen that supports GM’s trusted Sync 3 Infotainment System.

The Mustang GT adds to the functionality by supporting Track Apps that let you monitor the car’s performance for every second you spend at the race track.

Some additional Infotainment features include:

  • 12-Speaker Bang & Olufsen Surround Sound System
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility
  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio
  • AM/FM/HD Radio
  • 2 USB Ports
  • Bluetooth Hands-Free Connectivity
  • Auxiliary Cable Input
  • 12-inch Driver-Side Customizable Digital Display

Can it carry some luggage?

A small trunk is acceptable for a convertible sports car of this calibre, but the Ford Mustang GT has a one up to that. Just like a classic muscle car, you can have your fun burning the tires that you brought with you at the drag strip. You can then get home in time for dinner, picking up the monthly groceries along the way.

2020 Mustang GT 11.4 cubic feet trunk is more than enough for most of your needs

The 11.4 cubic feet trunk is more than enough for most of your needs. If needed, the rear seats can be removed to make way for additional storage space. The Premium trim has an electronically operated boot lid, with the spoiler being not so much of a problem when trying to store luggage.


Ford Mustang GT Convertible

Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible

BMW 230i xDrive Convertible

Mercedes-Benz SLC 300 Roadster

Cargo Capacity

11.4 cu.ft.

7.3 cu.ft.

11.8 cu.ft.

6.4 cu.ft.

The small-item storage upfront follows the same trend. There are cup holders in the console that don’t interrupt the shifter action. The glove box is decent enough and can be accessed from the driver’s side. A few compartments in the console can serve as holders for sunglasses or wallets. You can even have a dedicated smartphone stand with wireless charging if you wish.

Interior Features:

  • Heated and Cooled Leather-Trimmed Front Seats
  • Cabin Particulate Air Filter
  • MyColor Ambient Lighting
  • Satin Chrome Instrument Cluster Register Vents and Cup Holder Surrounds
  • Soft Door Rollover
  • Aluminum Foot Pedals
  • Heated Steering Wheel
2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Front Seats
2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Front Seats
2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Seats
2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Gear Shifter
2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Steering wheel
2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Rear Seats

2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Exterior


The Mustang’s wide body makes it noticeable from a mile off. It still carries over the same rear end design from its predecessors, even if the front fascia has changed quite a bit. There are no new design tweaks for 2020. It still looks like a rugged modern muscle car, just as you would expect from Ford. The shape of the body walks a fine line between beauty and aerodynamics. The Mustang GT Convertible Premium is distinguishable from other trims by its rear spoiler, hood scoops, and the obvious convertible hard top.

Is it big and heavy like the old muscle cars?

Just like an American muscle car, the Ford Mustang GT Convertible takes up a large portion of the road. This may add to the car’s flair but makes it difficult to maneuver around tight confines. At least it has a good ground clearance, which makes the car go over bumps quite easily.

2020 Ford Mustang GT Front View

For its weight, the Mustang GT Convertible handles quite well, thanks to its Torsen limited-slip differential and Blistein shock absorbers.


Ford Mustang GT Convertible

Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible

BMW 230i xDrive Convertible

Mercedes-Benz SLC 300 Roadster

Curb Weight

4554 lbs

3937 lbs

3821 lbs

3384 lbs
















Ground Clearance










Being more akin to a sports car than a muscle car, the Camaro SS is much more easier to handle due to its concise dimensions. This becomes more evident in the Nissan 370Z, a car that uses its size as a counterbalance to make up for the lack of power. The Dodge Challenger takes the muscle car status to its truest form. It is big, wide, and heavy. That translates to an overall inferior handling around corners.

2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Exterior
2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Exterior
2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Exterior
2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Exterior
2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Exterior
2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Exterior
2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Exterior

2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Safety


So far, the 2020 Ford Mustang has not been tested by the NHTSA or IIHS for its crash-worthiness. In spite of that, since this year’s Mustang has carried forward the chassis with no remarkable changes from the previous year, it is safe to say that they share the same excellent safety score. The 2019 Mustang Coupe aced the safety tests by the NHTSA, earning a five-star rating in all categories. The IIHS shares the same opinion for all but the LATCH system. It is very difficult to find and use the tethering anchors, making it a tedious job to fit a child seat.

As far as collision avoidance is concerned, the Ford Mustang GT comes standard with most of the advanced safety features that you would expect. A few others such as Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assist are part of the Driver Assistance Package, which comes by default on the Premium Fastback. The IIHS had tested the same systems last year and gave a ‘Superior’ rating to the Ford Mustang for avoiding any hazards.

Safety Features:

  • Electronic Stability Control(ESC)
  • ABS And Driveline Traction Control
  • Side Impact beams
  • Dual-Stage Driver And Passenger Seat-Mounted Airbags
  • Front And Rear Parking Sensors
  • Blind Spot Monitoring System
  • Tire Specific Low Tire Pressure Warning
  • Forward Collision Warning with Automated Emergency Braking
  • Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist
  • Dual-stage Driver and Passenger Front Airbags
  • Airbag Occupancy Sensor
  • Rear Child Safety Locks
  • First Aid Kit
  • Outboard Front Lap And Shoulder Safety Belts
  • Rear-View Camera with Cross-Traffic Alert

2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Competition


Ford Mustang GT vs Chevrolet Camaro SS

Both the Camaro and the Mustang have been at it since the 1960s. Each of them have competed for the place of the best American muscle car, with each taking an edge in a different aspect. The Chevy is better at performance, both at the drag strip and the track. The Mustang dominates at the more subtle and practical aspects of the muscle car, like practicality and driveability. It is much more comfortable than any Camaro, sticking closer to the roots of a muscle car rather than a competitive sports car.

2020 Chevrolet Camaro SS

Ford Mustang GT vs BMW 2-Series

As far as Germans go, they keep a close eye on the finish and build quality of their cars. The BMW 2-series is no different. There is a difference of night and day when you compare the interior of the BMW and Ford side-by-side. The Bimmer is the undisputed winner with no visible panel gaps, a more comprehensive infotainment system, and more premium materials all around the cabin. The Ford Mustang GT may be your choice for a car for the drag strips and race tracks, but the BMW is for those who want a relaxing drive of the back roads.

2020 BMW 2-Series 

Ford Mustang GT vs Mercedes-Benz SLC-Class

Mercedes-Benz has made its mark in history as a manufacturer that doesn’t compromise on luxury. The SLC reflects that well. Even though it is a convertible sports coupe, it has a lot of creature comforts that make the driving experience more sublime. However, it will never match up to the Ford Mustang GT Convertible in terms of performance. And if you think the rear seats in the Mustang are a joke, then they are completely absent in the Merc. Moreover, the Mustang GT gives you the basics like smartphone integration and satellite navigation from the get-go, whereas the SLC makes you pay for it as an optional extra.

2020 Mercedes-Benz SLC-Class


2020 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Final Verdict


The Ford Mustang GT Convertible steps up as the most powerful Mustang you can get with a convertible top. It improves immensely on the EcoBoost with a more powerful engine and some rich features. It goes up against the most prestigious performance cars and comes out as the better deal. The 2020 Mustang GT Convertible proves that it is not yet ready to retire in terms of being a style statement. It is fast, practical, and is sure to keep the occupants invigorated with its capabilities.

Used Ford Mustang GT Convertible for Sale

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