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Ford has always been known for diversity in its product lineup. They make performance-oriented hatchbacks, rugged off-road trucks, and mass-market vehicles for the mainstream crowd. It's the same story all around the globe. They are one of the three biggest American manufacturers, with over millions of satisfied customers. Ford gained huge popularity among customers in the trucks and SUVs segment with F-series being the most popular and best selling among them all.

The Ford motor company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford and he had a dream of making cars for the masses. A small car made by keeping simplicity and affordability in mind was named the Model T which was in production for almost 20 years. They were the first to introduce a cost-effective production method by introducing the moving assembly line.

Year on year, Ford invested in the company by purchasing other smaller companies and utilizing the knowledge it gained from these companies in making cost-effective cars for the masses. Lincoln Motor Company was bought by Ford in 1925 and it helped Ford in introducing few other cars apart from its lineup at that time. 

Ford gained good grounds by the introduction of Ford Mustang which later on became their best seller. It was affordable and fun to drive car and was later known by the name of the Pony car and is still going strong to date. It will soon be getting an update that will make it even more powerful. Ford also acquired stakes in Mazda in 1979 which helped ford in co-development projects.

It entered the mid-size SUV market in the 1990s which turned out to be a huge success for the company. Ford also purchased Volvo’s car division in 2000 and this led to Ford becoming the largest car manufacturer at the time. Some of the models that helped Ford to get the top manufacturer tag were the F-150, Fiesta, Fusion, Focus, and Mustang. And a few of these models are still going strong in the global market. 

Considering the drop in current sales of small hatch and sedans, Ford is making future plans and is shifting towards a new platform of cars. Sales figures given by Ford states that nine out of ten vehicles being sold in the market in 2020 will be a truck or SUV. 

Ford is taking a big step towards the future with decisions that are not easy for a company. It is planning to quit building sedans and start the development of a new SUV platform which would be different from its current car lineup. They are focusing on filling the price and segment gap in its existing lineup of cars. Ford is witnessing a slow death of cars in other segments except SUVs are falling year by year with no sign of growth.

Going by reliability factor Ford is considered as a brand that focuses on the masses and is still going on the same route. By bringing in products that are more in demand such as crossovers and SUVs. As per Reliability Rating by, Ford is given 3.5 out of 5 which is a pretty decent score. 

A brand that was once at No.1 position is now moved down to 21st place for the car brand’s reliability. Per year workshop visit for repair is 0.3 with a 15% repair probability. Ford also scored 7 awards in J.D. Power award for 2019.

For Ford, the next big task at hand is creating new vehicles that compete and move forward in both sales and profit figures as compared to current sedans and hatchbacks lineup. The challenges of making new SUVs are the toughest stretch of the route in the path of other companies too.

As per the reports, Ford is planning two new segments for its SUVs lineup-

  1. Urban utilities- Under this Ford will have cars that don’t have much offroading capabilities or in simple words crossovers which can be helpful in moderate conditions which small hatch nd sedans cant handle. This is also one of the fastest-growing segments all over the globe as people are moving towards vehicles that are comfortable as a daily driver and also have capabilities to drive over rough roads without breaking much sweat. 
  1. Rugged SUVs- This is the segment where Ford already has a stronghold and planning other new platforms will help bring the company up in the SUV market share. Their most favorite and successful, F-series pickup truck will help in the development of this segment by providing crucial information, which has been gathered over time.

“Future is electric” is a phrase you must have heard of in recent times and Ford is shifting its concern towards it by shifting to alternative energy sources. The company is also planning to produce electric or hybrid variants of existing non-SUV segment cars such as the Mustang and F-150. Ford is shifting towards autonomous intelligence in its upcoming and current lineup too by adding a new upgrade named Co-Pilot 360. It is a driver assist package which will be provided as standard across the lineup. It includes features like blind-spot detection, automatic emergency handbrake, auto high beams, rearview camera and lane-keeping.