An America based brand of automobiles started with the slogan “Dependability, The Dependables”. Dodge was born, which now works under the Fiat Chrysler Group LLC based in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Founded by Horace and John Dodge under the Dodge Brothers Company in Detroit in 1900. The name came up when they started manufacturing performance-focused engine and chassis components for other manufacturers.  Their first own car was the Dodge Model 30/35 touring car which was powered by a four-cylinder motor producing 35 horsepower. It had an all-steel body at the time when other manufacturers were still using wood framing under steel panels. Dodge also supplied components for Ford’s Model A and was offered a 10% share. Read More...


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More About Dodge


Dodge was in second place in American sales 1920 ranking. The table turned when John dodge was felled by pneumonia and his brother Horace then died of cirrhosis in the same year. Dodge started losing its ranking as the company lacked a good leader. The company was sold to Dillon, Read & co in 1925 and later to Chrysler in 1928. Dodge vehicle lineup mainly consisted of trucks and passenger cars.

The 1960s saw the launch of the most iconic car by Dodge, the Charger, based on the Coronet platform featuring fastback rooflines and hidden headlamps. Powering the Charger was a 318 cubic inch V8 motor with an even powerful upgrade available from the showroom of a 426 cubic inch 425 hp Hemi V8. In 1970 Mustang’s competitor was also launched by Dodge wearing the name badge of Challenger.

In recent years, their slogan changed to “Domestic. Not Domesticated”. Dodge can be seen concentrating on its vehicle lineup with massive improvements in the performance and quality sector. Their lineup has aggressively styled and performance-oriented cars in both sedan and SUV segments. Their biggest attraction is the Hellcat variant of the charger which gets SRT treatment and holds a record-breaking under 10-sec quarter-mile time by a road-legal car in this price range. Their truck division has been renamed to Ram brand under which pickup trucks and vans are being sold. The new makeover of trucks is getting good responses from the new generation. Even though the sedan market is shrinking and people are moving towards SUVs and crossovers, the Dodge Charger does not seem to be slowing down. It was the best selling car in the year 2018 with more than 80 thousand units sold. Even after not getting any major changes over the decade. 

The next update in the Charger will most likely see increased performance figures. But in the coming future, people are concerned about Carbon footprint levels and Dodge might take steps towards it. A smaller 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with mild-hybrid could be brought up in the future for an increase in overall MPG figures. Achieving this while still holding similar power figures is the main challenge. As per style, the last charger resembles the 1960 charger look. We will have to wait to see what Dodge comes up with in terms of styling.

Their planning of developing performance-oriented cars such as challengers and chargers paid well above expectations, posting best-ever sales. Challenger will be turning 50 years old and we can expect an anniversary edition on its way. Though the car is using an old platform but still going strong considering sales figures. The Durango is holding lanes of the performance SUV segment in 3-row seating and perfectly aligns with the direction of the brand.