Cadillac has been an American car manufacturing luxury cars for over a century. It was formed from the remnants of the Henry Ford Company in 1902. It is the second oldest car company in America next to Buick and one of the oldest car brands globally. Cadillac had already established itself as one of America's top luxury carmakers when General Motors bought the company in 1909. Cadillac has a long history of innovation from its very beginning until today. From the invention of electric headlamps in the early 1900s, all the way to these supercruise drivers assist technology integrated into their recent models.  Cadillac has produced a wide range of luxury models over the years including the Eldorado, Deville, CTS, Escalade, and more. Cadillac's ability to evolve is inspiring. their dedicated spirit with a focus on luxury over many decades of success. Read More...


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More About Cadillac

The crown on Cadillac logo shows the ancient courts of France

Cadillacs first automobiles were introduced in 1902. The earlier models were named the runabout and the tonneau, which were displayed at the New York Auto Show in 1903. The precision manufacturing impressed a lot of people and Cadillac received 2000 firm orders which helped the brand get off the ground. Cadillac was the first to develop technology to operate external lights from the car's interior.

The first headlights were introduced in 1915 but these early models required drivers to get out of the car and manually flip the lights on by hand. Cadillac was the first to tackle this problem by developing a revolutionary technology that allowed drivers to operate their exterior lights from the interior of the car. 

Cadillac was named after the French soldier that founded Detroit and Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac was a French explorer who made his way to North America in the late 60s. 200 years later his name was given to the Cadillac Automobile company. The Cadillac DeVille was the first commercial vehicle with night vision. automotive night vision is achieved through a system that utilizes a thermographic camera to increase the driver’s perception and range of sight in darkness or inclement weather. It was introduced in 2000. information is displayed on the windshield as a black and white image with warmer objects in white and cooler objects in black.

Cadillac's Eldorado Brougham was once the most expensive car in the market. Initially introduced in 1957 and became the most expensive car in the American market with a price tag of $13000. It cost even more than a Bentley S1 saloon which was priced at $12000. the car came with a brushed stainless steel roof, chrome-plated aluminum bumpers, and a V8 engine along with special interior features like air conditioning, separate front and rear speakers, a 2 speaker transistor radio, automatically latching electric door locks, automatic headlamp dimming, power side and vent windows, and an electric lock. It also came with a plastic cigarette case holder, a tissue dispenser, a bottle of French perfume, and a minibar completed with 6 magnetized bottom drinking tumblers.

The first armored sedan ever produced was Al Capone's Cadillac. It was made using 1-inch thick bulletproof glass and steel plates. Cadillac invented the technology that made the electric starter possible. This feature was first introduced in the 1912 Cadillac touring edition. This reduced the number of injury cases due to manually starting the engine. 

Cadillac is reaching new heights. The organization intends to launch vehicles at regular intervals until 2022. Which began at the 2018 New York Auto Show with the new XT4 compact crossover, which will include 3 cars, 3 hybrids, and a fresh out of the cover new Escalade, in addition to various performance vehicles. This technique will clearly defer the advancement of the brand's lead model until after 2022.

Next in line after the XT4 is likely a big crossover, likely based on the XT6 or XT7 platform, accepted to show up in the not so distant future. At that point, a swap for the ATS is underway, and soon all odds of another CTS. After the launch of these new cars, Cadillac would be in a more favorable condition to offer another halo car which could be in a not too common shape.

The automaker will stay concentrated on the same generation of engines and will keep on building up the V6 and Cadillac-selective V8 options. From 2021, the brand will be a member of General Motors’ aggressive designs to manufacture 20 electric vehicles by 2023 and will get a good share of those electric vehicles under its lineup. Instead of just making new vehicles, Cadillac is endeavoring to change its way of marketing with its vehicles. They've generally promoted their vehicles towards the higher side of the age group, however, in the current financial circumstances, they have to take a jump and start publicizing for more youth-focused buyers.

What's more, this change in operation will not be coming early. Numbers are increasing, of the younger generation buying Cadillac. Recent numbers showed a large number of their buyers are under the age of 56. All things considered, Cadillac is always attempting to draw in more youthful, wealthy purchasers. The new vehicles in Cadillac's modified and overhauled lineup hold a guarantee of doing that, precisely.