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8.9/10 BMW M5

$102,700 - $110,000

N/A BMW 2 Series
BMW 2 Series

$35,900 - $37,900

8.3/10 BMW 7 Series
BMW 7 Series

$86,450 - $103,000

8.3/10 BMW M4

$69,150 - $103,100

7.5/10 BMW M340i
BMW M340i

$54,000 - $56,000

7.6/10 BMW M8

$142,500 - $155,500

8.3/10 BMW X1

$35,200 - $37,200

7.9/10 BMW X6 M SUV

$108,600 - $117,600

7.6/10 BMW M8 Coupe
BMW M8 Coupe

$133,000 - $146,000

7.9/10 BMW X6 M SUV

$108,600 - $117,600

7.4/10 BMW M240i
BMW M240i

$45,800 - $48,350

7.9/10 BMW X6 M SUV

$108,600 - $117,600

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More About BMW

BMW 's logo imitates a white propeller spinning in a blue sky.

Bayerische Motoren Werke or BMW is a Germany based company that started initially by manufacturing aircraft in the early 90s. Being aircraft manufacture their brand logo replicates moving propeller blades in a blue sky. Logo color also represents their country’s flag. Before getting into cars, BMW used to manufacture motorbikes. Their first motorbike was the R23 which was given a refreshed look after World War I and was relaunched with the name R24. During World War II, most of the manufacturing plant of BMW was destroyed and the remaining were forced to stop production. The company was cornered to start producing two-wheelers only.

BMW resumed car production in 1952 in their Bavaria production plant. The first car which came out of production was named the Dixi which was made in collaboration with Austin Motor Company. BMW started with the motto of providing ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’. The same motto is being worked upon until 2020. The first car which came after world war II was a luxury family saloon named BMW 501. 

By 1962 BMW gained a reputation in sport-oriented cars. By the end of 1980s luxury sedans named 7 series and luxury coupe named 6 series were launched. The first SUV named the BMW X5 was launched in 1999 BMW has finally raised its name in the luxury and sport-oriented market. The 750i luxury sedan had BMWs first v12 engine. The company also purchased few other companies which now run under the BMW division such as Mini and Rolls Royce. They also purchased the Rover group in 1994 which they later sold in 2000. The rover group caused large financial losses to BMW. 

BMW’s current line has cars for every interest. The SUV segment starts from X1, which is the entry-level crossover and going up to X7, which is a family size 7 seater. Sedans start from 1 series, which is a compact sedan and moves up to 8 series, which is top of the line luxury saloon. BMW also comes in bulletproof safety trim from the factory in selected models. The refreshed version of a two-door roadster named Z4 is going great.

Performance is taken care of by M division which produces performance-focused cars. Range with M2, which is a two-door coupe and goes up to X6 M, which is a five-door coupe-styled SUV. BMWs rival brands are Mercedes Benz and Audi which have the same performance and luxury-focused segment of cars. The tag line used by BMW is still the same 'The Ultimate Driving Machine' and it is what defines the brand in simple terms. With one goal in mind of providing cars that offer the best in every segment from luxury to sports and SUVs.

It is a brand that focuses on luxury and comfort from the beginning and it is still the USP of their current generation models. No matter if you are on the driving seat or being chauffeur-driven, you will enjoy every moment filled with luxury and comfort on every drive. After introducing the performance segment BMW also showcased its electric or hybrid version of cars which was named the I segment. First of their cars were i3 which is a five-door B-segment hatchback and the i8 which is a two-door sports coupe/roadster, powered by an electric motor and a petrol engine. 

To meet future demands of electric cars BMW is cutting the number of engine options on current models and investing time on the upcoming new-generation electric cars. Their performance division which focuses on improving driving dynamics of their cars also provides optional features for each car which can be opted from the factory itself.BMW headquarter is based in Munich and production happens in Germany, Brazil, China, India, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Mexico.

Going by reliability rating as per J.D.Power award. BMW has been awarded 6 awards for the year 2019. This signifies the brand’s reflection is respectful on the ground level. Their cars are backed up by pocket-friendly service packages which include everything including service and labor in a prefixed package amount which can go up to 5 years and include every part including tires too. The USP of BMW cars is service network and service packages which makes owning a BMW a hassle-free experience.