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2020 Audi TTS Complete In-depth Review & Buying Guide

Updated on: May 14, 2020
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While the TT range of sports cars from Audi have fared pretty well in all their years of existence, the TTS range of cars have also had their fair share of success as well. Unlike the TT, the TTS range from Audi adds a touch of sportiness to this already fantastic sports coupe but still remains a good daily driver. In some ways, it acts as a bridge between the standard TT and the hardcore TT RS.

For 2020, Audi is carrying forward the previous year's model of the TTS without making substantial changes to the same. Keen observers will notice the New Design of the 20” Alloys in the black optic package that can be considered as a change. Other changes include the likes of a New Color Scheme and added Anti-Theft features. Mechanically, the 2020 Audi TTS Coupe remains unchanged from 2019. You still get the superb Quattro AWD system as standard in the TTS and the slick-shifting 7 Speed Dual Clutch transmission. You do get 3 packages as an option- Black Optic, Competition, Technology, and all these packages come with their own set of features that individuals can choose to suit their own taste.

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Great Handling dynamics

Plenty of Packages and options to choose from

Superb MPG figures

Futuristic Infotainment and Instrument cluster


Sub-Par Cargo Capacity

Interiors may feel cramped than some rivals

What's New?

Standard Vehicle Immobilizer with Anti-Theft Alarm System and Motion Sensor

New Pulse Orange Exterior Color Scheme

Addition of a 20” 5 Spoke Alloy Wheels on the Black Optic Package


vehicle bio

base price



2dr Coupe

passenger capacity




engine type


121 cu.in.


292 hp @ 5400 rpm


280 lbs.-ft. @ 1900 rpm


7 speed auto shift manual


frame type


suspension front

Independent front strut suspension w/anti-roll bar

suspension rear

Independent rear multi-link suspension w/anti-roll bar



98.6 in.


165 in.


72.1 in.


52.8 in.

curb weight

3241 lbs.


cargo volume

12 cu ft.


zero to 60 mph

5.3 sec.


basic warranty

4 yr./ 50000 mi.

powertrain warranty

4 yr. / 50000 mi.

corrosion warranty

12 yr. / unlimited

Pictures & Videos

2020 Audi TTS Review video
2020 Audi TTS Exterior video
2020 Audi TTS Interior video


2020 Audi TTS in Black Metallic color 2020 Audi TTS in Daytona Gray Pearl Effect color 2020 Audi TTS in Glacier White color 2020 Audi TTS in Red Hot color 2020 Audi TTS in Vegas Yellow color 2020 Audi TTS in Daytona Gray Pearl Effect color 2020 Audi TTS in Glacier White Metallic color 2020 Audi TTS in Vegas Yellow color
Black Metallic

Vehicle images are guides only and may not reflect the model's exact specifications/features– exact specifications/features should be confirmed with the seller.




Engine And Performance


Fuel Economy






Trims and Configurations


2020 Audi TTS Base


288 hp @ 6000 rpm
Intercooled Turbo Premium Unleaded
25 combined


Style Prices MPG Engine Transmission Drivetrain Seats Colors
quattro 2dr Coupe AWD (2.0L 4cyl 7AM) Starting at $54,500 MSRP (23/25/29) 288 hp @ 6000 rpm, 2 L, Inline 4, Intercooled Turbo Premium Unleaded
7-speed auto-shift manual all wheel drive 4

Expert Review


Overall Rating

With Audi, not making significant changes to the 2020 TTS Coupe, prices of the same have not seen a significant rise as well. The New 2020 Audi TTS Coupe is now priced at $54,500 and is just $700 bump over the previous year's model. Rivals of the TTS, includes the likes of the Porsche 718 Coupe, BMW’s M240i and Jaguar’s F-Type.

2020 Audi TTS coupe Front view
2020 Audi TTS coupe Rear view



Engine and Performance


Fuel Economy




2020 Audi TTS Features


The 2020 Audi TTS Coupe is available in just a single standalone trim- TTS. However, you need not get disappointed hearing this fact as Audi has decked the TTS with all the luxuries that could be found in other High-End Audis. For people wanting more, Audi has given them the option of speccing their TTS’ with some more features by choosing one/multiple packages on offer.


Audi TTS Coupe



Key Features

Full LED Headlights


Adaptive Rear Spoiler


Audi Virtual Cockpit


Leather/Alcantara Seating Surfaces


Parking System Plus that includes Front and Rear Parking Sensors

Package Name

Black Optic







Key Features

20” Bi-Color Anthracite finished alloys

Audi Sport Carbon Fiber inlays

MMI Navigation Plus


High Gloss Black exterior trim

Nappa Leather upholstery

Audi connect with online services


High Gloss Black exterior mirror housings

Flat-bottom multi-function Alcantara leather steering with Paddle Shifters

Audi smartphone interface with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay


255/30 summer tires

Rear fixed-wing spoiler

Audi Side Assist



Red Brake Calipers

B&O Sound System

What is the best configuration to go for?

The Standalone TTS comes with a ton load of features as standard and will quench the thirst of most buyers going for the TTS. However, we would strongly advise buyers to add the technology pack to their TTS’ as it bundles a lot of connectivity features to the TTS, making it a much more enjoyable daily driver.

2020 Audi TTS Engine and Performance


Audi uses the same Engine for it’s TT and TTS lineup of cars. However, the state of tune of this 2.0L Turbocharged Inline-4 Motor is different than the TT models. This 2.0L Unit has been now tuned to develop 288hp and 280lbs.-ft. Of torque. While these numbers may not be a lot for most people, the lack of any additions for this improvement in performance has resulted in better acceleration figures and overall improvements in performance than the standard TT. The Engine feels punchier than the standard TT’s motor and the Engine makes a good noise when revved hard.

The 7 Speed S Tronic transmission, is also the same as the other TT models. However, Audi Engineers have tuned it well, to match the upgraded motor. The Gear Shifts continue to remain slick and precise and you won’t find a lot of room for any complaints against this unit.


Audi TTS Quattro Coupe AWD

Porsche 718 Cayman Coupe*

Jaguar F-Type P300 Coupe

BMW M240i Coupe







2.0L Turbocharged Inline-4

2.0L Turbocharged Flat-4

2.0L Turbocharged Inline-4

3.0L Turbocharged Inline-6

Drivetrain AWD RWD RWD RWD


7-Speed Automated Manual

6-Speed Manual

8-Speed Shiftable Automatic

8-Speed Shiftable Automatic











.*2019 Model Year figures used for reference purposes

Comparing the TTS to its rivals, you will see that it’s the least powerful among all its adversaries. The BMW M240i coupe takes the top honors as far as figures go. The Porsche comes second in this list and manages to stay ahead of the Jag and the Audi respectively.

How fast is the Audi TTS?

The Audi TTS comes with the least powerful motor among its rivals. However, when it comes to acceleration, it turns out to the fastest among all. Audi says that this has been made possible, courtesy of the perfectly tuned AWD Quattro system and the compact and lightweight nature of the TTS. Out on the road, you will never complain about the lack of grunt from the motor and passing other fellow motorists, won’t be a thing to bother about.


Audi TTS Quattro Coupe AWD

Porsche 718 Cayman Coupe*

Jaguar F-Type P300 Coupe

BMW M240i Coupe

0-60 MPH

4.4 sec

4.9 sec

5.4 sec

4.4 sec

Quarter Mile

12.8 sec

12.0 sec

14.1 sec

12.7 sec

Top Speed 155 MPH N/A 155 MPH 155 MPH


7-Speed Automated Manual

6-Speed Manual

8-Speed Shiftable Automatic

8-Speed Shiftable Automatic

While the Audi’s Quattro AWD drive compensates its lack of power in the 60MPH run, the power advantage of the Porsche and the Bimmer takes over, allowing them to reach the quarter-mile faster than the Audi. The Jaguar, remains the slowest of the lot, courtesy of its dimensions and heft.

How well does it Ride and Handle?

Audi’s ‘S’ lineup of cars has been famed for their handling and driving dynamics and the 2020 TTS, maintains that legacy. The TTS Coupe feels sporty at large when compared against the standard TT. However, the ride doesn’t get as stiff as the Hardcore TT RS and you can easily use the TTS as a daily driver. The Coupe feels planted while taking corners and there is minimal body roll all throughout. The Quattro AWD system allows for no loss of traction when the surface gets wet or snowy. The Steering feels direct and precise and points exactly, where you want the TTS to go.

The Audi TTS Coupe feels sporty at large when compared against the standard TT

In terms of the ride quality, the TTS feels soft for the most part and doesn’t go too hard on the riding front. However, as you go to speeds, the suspension weighs up well and you get a lot of composure, inside the cabin. For a sportier ride, however, we would advise you to go for the competition package that enhances the dynamics and braking performance of the coupe by a small margin.

How good is the Braking performance?

With big 13.3-inch discs on the front and 12.2 on the rear, the 2020 Audi TTS’ braking performance is at par, with the best in the segment. With just 3263lbs behind its back and a superb Quattro AWD setup, the braking performance of the 2020 Audi TTS Coupe, is no short of breathtaking. The Brakes feel sure-footed and inspire a lot of confidence in all instances. Nosedive is well contained and the coupe maintains a linear path under heavy braking.


Audi TTS Quattro Coupe AWD

Porsche 718 Cayman Coupe*

Jaguar F-Type P300 Coupe

BMW M240i Coupe

Brake Rotors Front





Brake Rotors Rear





Curb Weight

3263 lbs

2944 lbs

3360 lbs

3519 lbs

60-0 MPH

103 ft

99.8 ft

112 ft

103 ft

When you compare the Audi with its rivals, you will find that the dynamic 718 Coupe, stays true to its impeccable handling manners and stays top of all its rivals, on the braking front. The Audi and the Bimmer, also showcase superb braking performance figures, owing to their well-optimized brakes and vehicle stability. The F-Type doesn't fare as badly either and manages to put up a decent show against this lot.

2020 Audi TTS Fuel Economy


The Audi TTS, may not be the most powerful coupe on the block. However, if you ponder on the table below, you will understand the benefits of the same. With an impressive 25MPG of mileage overall and a 14.5-gallon tank, the 2020 Audi TTS Coupe, can do a minimum of 334 miles on a full tank and 421 miles at best. This is impressive, considering that the Audi has a standard AWD setup while the others have an RWD setup.


Audi TTS Quattro Coupe AWD

Porsche 718 Cayman Coupe*

Jaguar F-Type P300 Coupe

BMW M240i Coupe

MPG (City)





MPG (Highway)





MPG (Combined)





Fuel Capacity

14.5 gallons

14.2 gallons

18.5 gallons

13.7 gallons

Range (City/Hwy/Combined)

334/421/362 miles

298/398/340 miles

426/555/481 miles

287/411/328 miles

Emission (Tons/yr of CO2 Emissions @ 15K mi/yr)





Comparing these cars on the mileage front, you will find that the Audi takes top honors, in conjunction with the Jag, as far as individual MPG figures go. The Porsche and the Bimmer come with lower efficiency figures than the Audi and their low capacity fuel tanks, further weaken their case. The Jaguar takes top honors overall, owing to its massive 18.5-gallon fuel tank, hence providing the maximum range of the entire lot.

2020 Audi TTS Interior

The 4 seater coupe has comfortable and supportive seats but nowhere near the level that the coupes like the 718 and BMW have reached. The cabin feels spacious enough until the moment you try to pack in some luggage. With premium materials on most of the console, you can ignore the plastic bits that spoils a bit of the fun.

The 4 seater Audi TTS coupe has comfortable and supportive seat

As with all German cars, the build quality is impeccable and you will find it hard, to spot any major panel gaps or inconsistencies. The overall design of the dash is focused on the driver. The buttons for the various controls are easily accessible and are easy to operate as well. Finishing off the Seats deserves a mention as the stitching is hard to find faults with and adds to the overall premium feel of the Cabin.


Audi TTS Quattro Coupe AWD

Porsche 718 Cayman Coupe*

Jaguar F-Type P300 Coupe

BMW M240i Coupe

Seating Capacity





Front Row (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (in)





Rear Row (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (in)





Comparing the Audi with its rivals and you will find that the German counterparts of the Audi, have a lot to offer, as far as Interior Space goes. The BMW, like the Audi, is the only other coupe here that can accommodate 4 passengers and we must say, the occupants of the Bimmer, will have a lot less to complain in terms of the space on offer. The Jaguar allows for seating for 2 and despite that, it doesn’t feel as spacious as the other 3.

What features to expect on the inside?

While Audi has kept storage avenues in the 2020 TTS Coupe, to a minute level, we still think that for daily usage, the available storage options will be enough to do the job well. Talking of the other interior features on offer, here goes the highlights of the same:

  • Leather/Alcantara seating surfaces
  • Automatic Climate Control
  • Auto-dimming Interior Rearview Mirror with Digital Compass
  • Power Windows with Pinch protection
  • Tilt and Telescopic adjust flat-bottom steering with paddle shifters
  • Leather/Alcantara seating surfaces
  • 12 Way Power, Heated Front Sport Seats with 4 Way power-adjustable Lumbar Support and Side Bolsters
  • 50/50 split-folding rear seats
  • Matte Brushed Aluminum interior inlays
  • Storage drawer under front passenger seat
  • Ambient LED Interior Lighting

How does the Infotainment system feel like?

Audi has been constantly updating it’s MMI Infotainment system every year and for 2020, Audi has made improvements to the same as well. The TTS’ infotainment system gets a bit more intuitive than last year and feels a tad more responsive than the 2019 model. You can also get the MMI Plus system and Android Auto, Apple Car Play by upgrading to the Technology package. The Highlights include

  • MMI touch with Handwriting-recognition technology
  • Audi Virtual Cockpit
  • Audi Sound System with 9 Speakers and Single CD Player with MP3 playback capability and dual SD card slots
  • SiriusXM/HD Radio
  • Bluetooth Telephony and Audio
  • Homelink powered Garage door opener
  • Rearview Camera

Is the Cargo space any good?

While Cargo Capacity may not be the primary reason why a Customer would want to buy a TTS, the 12.0 cu.ft. Of Cargo space on offer is a decent amount of space. You can easily pack in a Suitcase and 2 Handbags for a short weekend getaway or groceries from the Supermarket. We would have loved some more cubby holes or storage spaces inside the Cabin of the TTS as they fall short of what the rivals offer.


Audi TTS Quattro Coupe AWD

Porsche 718 Cayman Coupe*

Jaguar F-Type P300 Coupe

BMW M240i Coupe

Cargo Capacity

12.0 cu.ft.

14.9 cu.ft.

14.4 cu.ft.

13.8 cu.ft.

The Porsche Cayman tops the list in terms of the Cargo Capacities on offer followed by the Jag F-Type and the M240i from BMW. The Audi has to suffice with the last spot here.

2020 Audi TTS Coupe Steering
2020 Audi TTS Coupe steering
2020 Audi TTS Coupe interior
2020 Audi TTS Coupe interior

2020 Audi TTS Exterior


Long gone are those days when the Audi TTS looked like a tortoise with wheels, the TTS now has sharp stylized lines running along the length of the car and blend in smoothly into the LED Daytime running lights. The tiny coupe is only 165-inches long, much shorter than even the Porsche 718. However, it sits taller than the Porsche and loses out on the advantage of having a low center of gravity.

2020 Audi TTS Coupe Side view

The compact proportions of the Audi make for a sporty ride irrespective of where you take it. It also allows for ease of parking in crowded parking spaces and maneuvering through tight spaces in the city as well. The flip side is the fact that the Audi isn’t the most spacious on the inside and feels kinda compact.


Audi TTS Quattro Coupe AWD

Porsche 718 Cayman Coupe*

Jaguar F-Type P300 Coupe

BMW M240i Coupe

Curb Weight

3263 lbs

2944 lbs

3360 lbs

3519 lbs
















Ground Clearance










In terms of dimensions, the Jag F-Type feels like the Monster in the room courtesy of its massive size when compared to the others here. The BMW M240i takes the second spot here and is the second least easy to maneuver through the crowded city streets. The Porsche comes in next here and the Audi, with its compact proportions, is the easiest to live with.

Most noteworthy features on the Outside?

With the 2020 Audi TTS Coupe, Audi has pulled out all stops to ensure that the TTS looks modern and sleek from any angle that you look at. That has been made possible by the use of some sharp character lines, all throughout the Audi’s body and modern features. Some of the highlights include

  • Front and Rear Parking Sensors
  • Fully Automatic LED Headlights
  • LED Taillights with Dynamic Turn Signals
  • Power-Adjustable, auto-dimming, power-folding, heated ORVM’s in Aluminum optic
  • S Model Quad Exhaust Outlets
  • 20” Alloy Wheels
  • Keyless Start, Stop and Entry
  • Automatic Windshield Wipers and Headlights
  • Adaptive Rear Spoiler
  • Integrated LED Turn-indicator on ORVM’s
  • Heated Windshield Washer Nozzles
2020 Audi TTS Coupe
2020 Audi TTS Coupe
2020 Audi TTS Coupe
2020 Audi TTS Coupe
2020 Audi TTS Coupe
2020 Audi TTS Coupe
2020 Audi TTS Coupe
2020 Audi TTS Coupe
2020 Audi TTS Coupe
2020 Audi TTS Coupe

2020 Audi TTS Safety

While sports cars aren't exactly meant to be the safest cars plying on the roads, modern-day units are catching up to the trend. The 2020 Audi TTS coupe comes loaded with a plethora of safety features, to ensure the safety of the Audi's occupants at all times.

Even though IIHS and NHTSA haven’t tested the 2020 Audi TTS Coupe, we do have the list of Safety features that the Audi comes loaded with to ensure the peace of mind of the passengers.

Safety Features

  • Front dual-stage airbags, front thorax side airbags, knee airbags, and head curtain airbags
  • Power Central locking System with safety unlock in case of airbag deployment
  • ABS with EBD, ESC and secondary collision brake assist
  • Anti-Theft alarm system with immobilizer
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • LATCH in rear seats
  • Electromechanical Parking brake

2020 Audi TTS Competition

Audi TTS Coupe vs. Porsche 718 Cayman

Porsche makes one of the best handling cars in the world and the baby Porsche is no exception either. With a laser-sharp steering, great suspension damping and a superb ride setup, the Audi can’t simply match the handling of the same, despite coming close. The infotainment on the TTS is, however, a different story. With the Virtual cockpit, it is far superior to the Porsche's infotainment. Although the TTS's rear seats are quite unusable for seating, they make it easy to carry some luggage, which isn't possible in the 2-seater 718.

2020 Porsche 718 Cayman

Audi TTS Coupe vs. Jaguar F-Type 

The Jaguar F-Type makes for a great looking coupe irrespective of where you take it. It’s bound to grab eyeballs and be the center of attention, wherever you take it. The Interiors feel a bit more luxurious than the Audi as well and the handling is decent as well. However, sit on the inside of the TTS and you will find it, way ahead than the Jaguar’s in terms of the build and the features on offer. The Audi can seat 4 people as well and be a better daily driver. However, if we were to choose one, we would slightly lean towards the Jag, courtesy of its lineage and the pure brand value.

2020 Jaguar F-type

Audi TTS Coupe vs. BMW M240i 

The M240i is much larger than the TTS coupe and thus lags behind in terms of the agility, despite its much more powerful engine. The BMW has a roomier interior and comfier cabin compared to the Audi, but with the virtual cockpit, the Audi has a far better infotainment. In terms of storage and cargo, the Audi fails to match up against the BMW M240i but the Audi allows seating for 4 as well. You can’t go wrong with either of the 2 cars but if practicality is your preference, the Audi should be your choice otherwise, the Bimmer will be a better bet.

2020 BMW M240i


2020 Audi TTS Final Verdict

The 2020 Audi TTS, presents itself as a great compromise between the hardcore TT RS and the standard TT coupe. The TTS blends in some of the sportiness from the TT RS with the comfort offered in the TT. The TTS, doesn’t feel devoid of features and comes with future proof tech like a superb Digital Instrument console and a super intuitive MMI infotainment system. With available seating for 4 and a great features list and superb performance, you surely won’t go wrong buying the 2020 Audi TTS as your daily driver.