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2021 Aston Martin Vantage Price, Review, Ratings and Pictures

Updated on: May 29, 2021

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The 2021 Aston Martin Vantage is built with a 4.0L V8 under its hood to generate a stunning 503 hp. Available in a single trim offering, the 2021 Vantage is priced at $150,000. The vantage is available as a convertible as well, however, it is priced at $160,000.

With bespoke performance to offer, the 2021 Aston Martin Vantage comes with plush interiors and decent features. In the market rivalry, it faces the 2021 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Coupe, the 2021 Porsche 911 Carerra Coupe, and the 2021 Jaguar F-Type.

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Powerful engine

Brisk acceleration

Decent cabin and cargo space

Average fuel-economy based on class


Noisy ride

Lacklustre transmission

Steering wheel not as direct as its rivals

What's New?

7 Speed manual transmission as optional

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vehicle bio

base price



2dr Coupe

passenger capacity


top speed

200 mph


rear wheel drive

engine type


243 cu.in.


503 hp @ 6000 rpm


461 lb.-ft.. @ 2000 rpm


7-speed Manual


suspension front

Independent front double wishbone suspension w/anti-roll bar

brake rotors (f/r)

15.7/14.2 in.



106.5 in.


175.8 in.


76.5 in.


50.1 in.

curb weight

3650 lbs.

ground clearance

5 in.


passenger volume

78 cu ft.

cargo volume

5 cu ft.


zero to 60 mph

3.9 sec.

standing 1/4-mile

11.7 sec.


basic warranty

3 yr./ unlimited mi.

corrosion warranty

10 yr./ unlimited mi.

roadside assistance


Pictures & Videos

2021 Aston Martin Vantage Detailed Review video


Base $146,000 onwards

503 hp @ 6000 rpm | 4 L | V8 | premium unleaded

  • 8-way Power Driver Seat
  • Automatic Climate Control
  • Cruise Control
  • Electric Power Steering
  • Front & Rear Parking Aid w/ Rear View Camera
  • Height Adjustable, Power-Operated Tailgate w/ Hands-Free Access
  • Leather Steering Wheel
  • Sport Front Seats
  • UV-reducing solar glass
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Colors and Styles

2021 Aston Martin Vantage in Arden Green color 2021 Aston Martin Vantage in Appletree Green color 2021 Aston Martin Vantage in Arizona Bronze color
Arden Green

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Pricing And Features


Engine And Performance


Fuel Economy










Expert Review, Pricing Analysis and Buying Guide


Overall Rating

The 2021 Aston Martin Vantage carries its legacy forward with its bold feline design with a vigorous 4.0L V-8 punching it forward, at a price of $150,000. With its 503 hp and 3.6 seconds to 60 mph from a standstill, the 2021 Aston Martin Vantage is a Luxury-Sport coupe.

The 2021 Vantage has an unbelievable driving experience that no other peer can match. The 2021 Aston Martin Vantage is a complete package with top-notch safety features, infotainment features, and comfort for the two people it can accommodate.

2021 Aston Martin Vantage Coupe front view
2021 Aston Martin Vantage Coupe rear view

Pricing and Features

Engine and Performance

Fuel Economy




2021 Aston Martin Vantage Pricing and Features


"The Vantage's biggest advantage versus other premium sports cars is its show-stopping style." - Car and Driver

The 2021 Aston Martin Vantage supports two trims, the Vantage coupe, and the Vantage Roadster convertible. Speaking of the coupe, the 2021 Vantage coupe is available in merely a singular trim level. With multiple styling and aesthetic packages to amp up the opulence, the 2021 Vantage is a complete sports coupe package. The 2021 Vantage arrives with a twin-turbo V-8 and the recent inclusion of the manual transmission along with the automatic.

2021 Aston Martin F1 Edition

Aston Martin sells the Vantage manual at $146,000, which is a great deal for all the stick-shift crazy motorists. They price the Vantage auto higher at $150000 and claim the same opulence and innovative gizmo options as that of its manual model. There is another version, the F1 version, however, it is not a commercial make. Having been made the official Safety car for F1, it is limited to the tracks.


Vantage Coupe

MSRP (Auto)


MSRP (Manual)


Key Features

8.0 inch LCD screen


Integrated satellite navigation


LED high & low beam headlamps with integrated direction indicator


Full width LED tail lamp with stop tail and dynamic indicator functions


Sports seats


Strathmore and Alcantara leather upholstery


Keyless start/stop


Dark anodized carbon-ceramic brake calipers


Aston Martin Audio System with DAB & AM/FM Radio

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2021 Aston Martin Vantage Buying Advice

Although the 2021 Vantage Coupe includes just one trim level at your disposal, you can customize it in many styles under the aesthetic packages. You can choose a color that reflects your aura, while we recommend a manual gearbox for that thrill of the ride. You can drop the savings on the Sports Plus package and a Comfort package to build your perfect ride on wheels.

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2021 Aston Martin Vantage Engine and Performance


"This engine develops 503 horsepower and 505 lb-ft of torque, which is sent to the rear wheels through either a seven-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic transmission." - Car and Driver

Aston Martin describes its 2021 Vantage as a born predator. This beautiful sports coupe boasts raw athleticism and ferocious power to make you fall heads over heels. The vigorous 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 powers the heart of the 2021 Aston Martin Vantage. Its power output of 503 hp and 505 lb-ft of torque produces its visceral Aston Martin roar. All this power is offered at a base MSRP of $150,000.

2021 Aston Martin Vantage Coupe has a 4.0 L Twin-Turbo V-8 engine

Fans of the stick-shift manual gearbox are in for a treat, with the 2021 Vantage equipping a manual gearbox for that extra human interaction. This 7-speed manual transmission is priced at $146000 which is a few grand less than its automatic transmission variant which is a win-to-win situation for every car fanatic. The 2021 Vantage runs on the all-wheel drivetrain, which is a prerequisite for every modern sports coupe.


2021 Aston Martin Vantage Coupe

2021 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Coupe

2021 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Coupe

2021 Jaguar F-Type R coupe







4.0 L Twin-Turbo V-8

4.0 L Twin-Turbo V-8

3.0 L Twin Turbo H-6

5.0 L Intercooled Supercharger V-8







8-speed Auto-Shift Manual w/OD

7-speed AMG DCT

8-speed Auto-Shift Manual w/OD

8-speed automatic w/OD

Power (HP@RPM)

503 hp @ 6000 RPM

523 hp @ 5500 RPM

443 hp @ 6500 RPM

575 hp @ 6500 RPM

Torque (lb-ft@RPM)

505 lb-ft @ 2000 RPM

494 lb-ft @ 2100 RPM

390 lb-ft @ 2300 RPM

516 lb-ft @ 3500 RPM

0-60 MPH (in seconds)

3.6 seconds

3.7 seconds

3.4 seconds

3.5 seconds

Quarter Mile (in seconds)

11.7 seconds

14.9 seconds

11.3 seconds

11.2 seconds

Top Speed (MPH)

195 MPH

189 MPH

190 MPH

186 MPH

60-0 MPH (in feet)

100 feet

115 feet

92 feet

101 feet

The 2021 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe propels it towards the top of the power charts with its powerful supercharged V-8. It beats its twin-turbo engine-powered adversaries with a power of 575 hp and 516 lb-ft. The twin-turbo V-8 engine of the 2021 Aston Martin Vantage says everything about its animalistic nature and raw unrivaled performance. This engine powers the Vantage from a stalemate to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds.

2021 Aston Martin Vantage Coupe accelerate 0-60 mph in 3.6 sec

The Vantage has an impressive carbon-ceramic braking department too, with heat sustaining technology setting standards for others to follow. The Porsche 911’s flat-6 engine turns the tables on its V-8 counterparts with its fastest 0-60 timing of 3.4 seconds. The Vantage, although not being the fastest car in its segment, boasts of a blistering top speed of 195 mph and an industry benchmark 60-0 stopping distance of 100 feet.

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2021 Aston Martin Vantage Fuel Economy


"Aston Martin says the Vantage’ reaches its top speed in 7th gear, which means it’s not entirely a fuel-economy play." - Motor Trend

Buying a monstrous sports coupe may be sweaty for the cash-savvy customer, at a price of $150,000. With extravagant fuel costs and a meager fuel economy under the bucket, sustaining a high-end sports coupe may not be a piece of cake. Aston Martin seeks to lighten the consumer spending with a decent MPG estimate of 18/24/20 for city/highway/combined.


2021 Aston Martin Vantage Coupe

2021 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Coupe

2021 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Coupe 

2021 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe

MPG (City)




MPG (Highway)




MPG (Combined)




Fuel Capacity 

19.3 gallons

19.8 gallons

16.9 gallons

18.5 gallons

Range (City/Hwy/Combined) 

347.4/463.2/386 miles

316.8/435.6/356.4 miles

304.2/405.6/338 miles

296/444/333 miles

The Aston Martin Vantage may not be one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles out on the market. But it certainly punches above its weight with its above-average fuel economy and mileage for the sports coupe class.  With an equally humongous fuel tank, the 2021 Aston Martin Vantage shells out an appreciable mileage of 347.4/463.2/386 miles.

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2021 Aston Martin Vantage Interior


"The cockpit is snug for two, but it's lined with leather and faux suede." - Car And Driver

The interiors feature some premium quality material builds that are exclusive only to Aston Martin, but most of its characters remain shrouded in simplicity, even though you pay $150,000. Lavish Strathmore and Alcantara leather upholstery adorns the environment inside your Vantage, while the sport seats offer adequate stiffness and comfort. The black leather steering wheel is a treat to handle, with it being positioned lower than that in its predecessor model to make the cruise more intriguing.

2021 Aston Martin Vantage Coupe dashboard

The interiors include many more luxury elements like dual-zone climate control, Satin Silver interior jewelry, carpeted cabin, and a Gloss Black trim inlay that gives Aston Martin its unique identity. Play around with more interior customizations like the Sports Plus package, trademark embroidery, carbon fiber build, and Caithness or Balmoral leather to raise your dream car.


2021 Aston Martin Vantage Coupe

2020 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Coupe

2020 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Coupe 

2020 Jaguar F-Type Auto SVR Coupe

Seating Capacity





Front Row (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (in)





Rear Row (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (in)





Cargo Capacity (cubic feet) NA 10.1 4.6 11.87

This average trunk can fit in two-middle-sized suitcases that the gentleman can carry for his daily purposes. The door pockets are surprisingly spacious and can stow away most of your smaller stuff. The Aston Martin adds the spice for your entertainment purposes with its decent infotainment system. The Vantage runs an 8-inch LCD screen that strangely doesn’t support a touchscreen. It is quite bizarre to see a supercar in 2021 without touchscreen compatibility. The Vantage supports iPod and iPhone integration, although the missing of Android Auto is a major setback.

2021 Aston Martin Vantage Coupe central console

The Vantage also features USB playback and Bluetooth audio and phone streaming. The Aston Martin audio system is a fairly decent addition to the aggressive supercar. For the hardcore partiers, you can also get the Aston Martin Premium Audio setup. An inbuilt satellite navigation system rounds off the archaic yet impressive infotainment system.

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2021 Aston Martin Vantage basic Coupe center console
2021 Aston Martin Vantage basic Coupe center console
2021 Aston Martin Vantage basic Coupe shift knob
2021 Aston Martin Vantage basic Coupe front seats
2021 Aston Martin Vantage basic Coupe front seats

2021 Aston Martin Vantage Exterior


" Key to the Vantage Roadster's impressive dynamics are subtle revisions to the suspension." - Motor Trend

 Every Vantage coupe and convertible will have the privilege of a ‘vane’ grille, also noted as horizontal slats. They curve the grille into an S-shape that looks striking and the ultra-slim LED headlights to portray its wild side. The aerodynamics of the Vantage is world-class, with its reinvented front splitter the core to its agility. The underside of the Vantage guides the airflow from the front splitter to the rear diffuser. In the process, the Vantage gets enhanced stability and grip, worth every penny of its $150,000.

2021 Aston Martin Vantage Coupe

The Vantage has a commanding presence that instills fear on the roads, thanks to its muscular flanks and broad haunches. It has a colorful inventory of diverse color and wheel options that you can select as per your preference. Each body style has its charisma and color, with 6 body styles on offer, namely Riviera Run, Forged Xenon, Dynamic Pulse, Platinum Rebel, Cosmic Tang, and Lunar Eclipse.


2021 Aston Martin Vantage Coupe

2020 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63 Coupe

2020 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Coupe 

2020 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe

Curb Weight 


3666 lbs

3402 lbs

3759 lbs
















Ground Clearance 










The 2021 Aston Martin Vantage is one of the smallest cars in its segment. It has a wide wheelbase though that reinforces its roominess in its interiors. Aston Martin takes pride in its balanced proportions of the Vantage that reveals its racing DNA. They plant the heavy V-8 base in a lower position deep inside its chassis to promote better weight distribution and handling.

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2021 Aston Martin Vantage basic Coupe  emblem
2021 Aston Martin Vantage basic Coupe other
2021 Aston Martin Vantage basic Coupe emblem
2021 Aston Martin Vantage basic Coupe front view
2021 Aston Martin Vantage basic Coupe front view
2021 Aston Martin Vantage basic Coupe left side view
2021 Aston Martin Vantage basic Coupe wheel

2021 Aston Martin Vantage Safety


"Although Aston doesn't offer a full suite of driver-assistance technology, it can be equipped with several safety features" - Car and Driver

Aston Martin ensures your safety in its $150k Vantage with its high-tech array of active safety features and precautionary measures. There is a reason why James Bond trusts it to get out of any untoward situation. The ride quality is stable throughout the ride, praised for its Electronic Stability Control and Driveline Traction Control.

The front and rear parking sensors and the 360-degree camera make life easier for the driver by assisting him while parking. The blind-spot monitoring system and the side impact beams help to ward off the situation of any unfortunate mishap. Other notable safety features onboard are:

  • tire pressure monitoring,
  • airbag occupancy sensor,
  • alarm and immobilizer,
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • and cornering lights.

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2021 Aston Martin Vantage Competition

2021 Aston Martin Vantage Vs Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Coupe

The Vantage rides heavily on Mercedes’ M177 engine architecture exclusive to the AMGs. The engine of the AMG GT feels quieter and more orchestrated than its Aston Martin counterpart. The Vantage won’t mind though and breezes past hard British streets with incredible agility. The British Vantage hits the right notes with its poise, comfort, and bold identity that the German AMG lacks.

2021 Mercedes Benz AMG GT Coupe

2021 Aston Martin Vantage Vs Jaguar F-Type Auto R Coupe

The battle of the British giants. The Vantage and the F-Type R Coupe carry the same robust V-8. The F-Type SVR has a supercharger unit that powers it to astonishing heights. Its power output beats the Vantage. Another trait of the F-Type R that makes the Vantage sweat bullets is its amazing handling and performance in an elegant coupe architecture. The base price of the F-Type R is on another world, roughly 50 grand less than the Vantage. The Jaguar F-Type might emerge the winner here, although Aston’s fame may be the deciding factor.

 Jaguar F-Type Auto SVR Coupe

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2021 Aston Martin Vantage Final Verdict

The 2021 Aston Martin Vantage steals the show with its spectacular looks and its swift agility. Although you can get a livelier engine by opting for its rivals, there is nothing that can contest the opulence and class of an Aston Martin. The Vantage signifies British royalty and is a worthy buy for those who want to portray their high status and wealth. The 2021 Vantage is the symbol of beauty, comfort, and drivability for every supercar.

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2021 Aston Martin Vantage FAQs

At what price is the 2021 Aston Martin Vantage made available?

The 2021 Aston Martin Vantage Coupe is priced at $150,000

How fast does the 2021 Aston Martin Vantage go from 0-60 MPH?

The 2021 Aston Martin Vantage goes from 0-60 MPH in just 3.6 seconds

What powers the 2021 Aston Martin Vantage?

The 2021 Aston Martin Vantage Coupe is powered by a 4.0L V8 engine

Is the 2021 Aston Martin Vantage reliable?

The 2021 Aston Martin Vantage Coupe offers a warranty of:

  • Limited Warranty: 3 years/unlimited miles
  • Powertrain warranty: 3 years/unlimited miles 
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance: 3 years/unlimited miles

What is the top speed of the 2021 Aston Martin Vantage?

  The 2021 Aston Martin Vantage Coupe has a top speed record of 195 MPH.